Jeff Bevis Shares Home Care Best Practices during the COVID-19 Outbreak

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The COVID-19 outbreak has undeniably affected the entire home care industry. Every individual associated with this community is on the frontline of the battle against the novel coronavirus.

Caresmartz and FirstLight understand the crucial time for the home care agencies that are trying their best to manage quality care without compromising on the safety of their caregivers and employees.

As per our initiative to help the entire home care community, we organized a Webinar-“Home Care: Successfully Managing Your Business during the COVID-19 Outbreak”.

The webinar portrayed some valuable insights that can be a game-changer for all those organizations that are tirelessly working to make aging less difficult even during the crisis.

Check out the insightful webinar from the industry mavens that helps home care agencies to manage their operations without affecting the quality of care.

Here are some highlights from the webinar that emphasized the need to invoke the potential of technology to keep the home care agencies up and running during the pandemic.

Stabilizing Revenues and Financial Impact

Jeff Bevis, Co-Founder & CEO (FirstLight Home Care), as the keynote speaker along with Ruby Mehta, Vice President (Caresmartz) revealed the importance of technology in managing the situation efficiently.

He shared his views on successfully managing resources and operations to ensure that the clients receive the highest level of care and support. Here are the insights that every agency must follow for minimum financial impacts and stabilizing revenues:

  • Calling every client and adult child decision-maker every week
  • Taking proactive steps to ensure where and who you can serve in the weeks ahead
  • Reassuring caregivers, clients, families, and referral sources regarding the adequate steps that you are taking to ensure safety & quality of care
  • Reassure that you are having a regular supply of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Proper screening of caregivers before they begin a shift to minimize the risk of infection

Recruiting, Hiring, and Managing Caregivers Remotely

Home care agencies need to understand the importance of leveraging technology to keep their business up and running during the global crisis.

A home care agency should strictly emphasize on:

  • Using a home care management software to manage operations and streamline processes
  • Adopting virtual recruiting and training along with support tools
  • Ensuring adequate protection for the caregivers by providing essential PPE
  • Establishing daily Huddle Calls with the office team
  • Share your care protocols with clients and their family members
  • Frequent screening of the caregivers for any symptoms related to COVID-19
  • Regularly reaching caregivers and taking their feedback, guiding, and reassuring them
  • Tracking all the contacts referring to COVID-19 reasons

A home care management solution can be the ideal solution for efficiently managing the care delivery along with the assurance of the safety of the caregivers.

Screening Caregivers Before the Shift

Home care agencies need to screen their caregivers before they begin their shift. This will not only help in minimizing the contamination risk of the client but eventually help in identifying the suspects that can be quarantined on time.

CareSmartz360 is equipped with features like “Shift Pre-Screening” that helps agencies to identify a caregiver with COVID-19 symptoms, which can further enhance the safety of the clients. Here’s what agencies need to emphasize:

  • Require all caregivers complete the screening questions before they clock-in
  • Be prepared for the caregivers who show symptoms of COVID-19
  • Do not match any caregiver to any shift if there is a threat of exposure
  • Create a COVID-19 taskforce
  • Leveraging CareSmartz360’s Shift Pre-Screening module to enhance the safety of the clients and caregivers

 These are some of the main highlights of the webinar by experts with decades of experience in the industry. Home care agencies can get benefitted through these tips that not only focus on stabilizing the revenues but eventually helps in maintaining quality care with adequate safety measures.

Caresmartz and FirstLight Home Care are together with the entire home care industry and making every possible effort that helps the community in fighting against the crisis.

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