How to Start a Home Care Business that Bills Medicaid

Bills Medicaid

Starting a home care business may involve many ups and downs, but the question I’m sure we all have at first is “How to start a home care business, IN THE FIRST PLACE?”

Yes! “How do I even get started? And what are the pitfalls to explore?”

Well, friend, the very first thing you would need to explore would be getting the proper Medicaid certifications, and that takes some time, cost, and effort overall.

Another key difficulty for most of the people lies in rounding up the base of employees and getting each care provider to attend and get certified to provide care for Medicaid patients. The agency usually pays the cost — most often by means of a later reimbursement to the employee once they have been ‘approved’ and officially passes certification. The employee usually pays for the cost of getting certified and then provides evidence that such certification has occurred. If, for some reason, he or she does not pass certification, then in most cases, you as a business, are not required to reimburse the time or money spent on the attempt. is the site where one would need to apply and get trained for certification. The process is lengthy, so please note and tell your staff. It can take a year or longer, in some cases. So get started at your earliest convenience!

We've just scratched the surface.

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