How to prepare for transitioning to a new home care software?

prepare for new homecare software

Home care software can be a bit tricky to manage, when it comes to migrating to a new program. A home care software migration process can take a while and be tricky as well, since there are many variables to keep in mind.

1. The first thing you will want to think about doing is to back up all files and records you hold, in two places if you can. Two backed up copies of everything is a wonderful contingency plan should the worst of the worst occur.

2. You will also need to think about sending out an agency-wide memo, letting all current employees know about the changes set to occur — such as when the merging/switch will occur, what steps they can do to properly backup their files and documents, which formats or fonts to use, what will change and what will remain the same, etc. The more information you can provide, the better they can prepare — and thus, the easier it is to keep everyone on the same page moving forward.

3. You will also wish to prepare by considering, honestly, if it’s worth the risk and cost, and why. How much are you paying now? How much will you pay? Can you budget it? Etc.

Preparation is power. Remember that. Prepare properly, before switching to a newer home care software!

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