Benefits of Split Payment for Home Care

Benefits of Split Payment for Home Care

Splitting payments is something we all have known about since childhood. Examples could include the toy you bought as a kid and your parents paid part, the hotdog you shared with a childhood friend, your contribution to certain college expenses, sharing apartment rent or even your road trip expenses split among your travel buddies. You probably have seen how convenient split payments are over the years.

However, one of the biggest questions you may have had when considering home care services for an elderly family member is, “How can I pay the entire amount of in-home care services?”

No, you don’t need to steal or rob a bank; your extended family members and friends can help pay for caregiver services. Since technology is already helping you out in your everyday life, it can also help you with split payments.

Often, family members work together to pay for a loved one’s care needs. Thus, your home care service provider can help you access their version of a Family Zone that is embedded within the home care software where you can review invoices, view future schedules, care logs, completed tasks and split payments among family members as seen fit.

You can add payers and give them access to allocate funds, enter payment information, check payments history, and split payments as they are willing or are able to. Whenever an invoice is generated, the payers receive an email notification. They are also informed when the payment is due via email.

This helps to automate split payments without you having to call and request that everyone make their portion of the payment.

The split payment feature in home care billing software allows family members to divide the cost of a loved one’s care, giving them a more flexible way to share the caregiving expenses. Instead of burdening the single member who lives closest to the care recipient, splitting the expense among siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews can ease the financial burden of the primary caregiver and connect other family members with their loved one.

Since the day split payments were allowed in-home care services, it has helped millions of people get the care they deserve and at the same time, allowed family members to provide the best possible care to their loved ones.

It is not just benefiting the family members; a split payment option has even helped home care agencies to avoid having their expenses piling because of unpaid care. Using data from AARP, an estimated 34.2 million Americans have provided unpaid care to an adult age 50 or older in 2015, and those numbers continue to rise every year.

Being able to offer a split payment option to home care clients is a big marketing differentiator for care providers.

Fortunately, almost all home care software solutions are integrated with billing and payroll module that offers split payment functionality and allows agencies to offer this important feature to their clients.

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