4 Ways New Technology is Improving the Home Care Franchisees

New Technology is Improving the Home Care Franchisees

Around 10,000 older adults in the United States turn 65 and older every day. More and more investors have been interested in the home care industry’s growth.

This intrigue has led to an explosion of funding for specific sectors, making room for an increased demand for tech-enabled innovations. Eyeing at this trend, more and more home care franchise owners are investing in technology.

But why is this happening? Over the past five years, home care franchisees grew at 9% annually. Over 20% of United States residents are projected to be 65 and older in the next ten years, which is fantastic news for the home care franchise industry.

A strong franchise is built on bridges, and it’s no big secret that franchises today face new challenges of inherent divisions. When a brand extends into different geographic locations, they have its clients, leadership, and regional nuances- making it difficult to maintain a sense of unity.

Investing in the right kind of technology can help agencies make a positive impact and help them thrive in the long term. Some ways in which you incorporate technology into your in-home care business are:

  • Technology Brings More Proficiency:

    Health reports and other essential documentation in the home care industry still follow the traditional on-paper delivery. While there’s nothing wrong with relying on paper for such information, as agencies still use physical timecards to track caregiver hours, carrying paper documents becomes difficult.

    For steady growth, franchisees must assume an efficiency level for seniors and staff in their care. For instance, home care franchisor software can help franchisees become even more successful. CareSmartz360 provides franchises achieve adequate operational and system support promoting successful partnerships between franchisees and franchisors.

    With an advanced homecare franchisor management system, franchisors experience seamless interoperability through a straightforward intranet between the field personnel and the franchisor’s corporate office. Franchisors can also keep franchisees informed of the latest industry news, updates, and more.

  • Software Systems Help Build Trustworthy Partners:

    Using technology and gaining quality-of-care insights has become invaluable for franchise owners. The data-driven measurements shared help impact the older adults’ results. This is especially important because franchise networks build relationships with healthcare organizations.

    It’s crucial for referral partners to take note of an improvement in a senior’s quality of life. And because of these additional home care services, seniors recommend franchisees based on their trustworthiness, accountability, and merit.

  • Enhanced ROI:

    Marketing has become the need of the hour for entrepreneurs to make a mark in the industry and present their company’s name & services to the masses. Technology has significantly become ingrained in a business’s marketing strategy, right from Facebook to text-based messages.

    The involvement of technology has not only made things convenient but more efficient for in-home franchise owners.

  • Technology Gives You a Competitive Edge:

    The senior home care franchise niche is becoming increasingly competitive. Franchisor owners need to find different ways to stand out from their competition.

    What’s even more is that business intelligence tools must measure the metrics of your business and benchmark these when compared to your competitors. They are significantly helpful when there are enhanced qualitative results and data analysis. A robust process helps franchisees launch, scale, and evolve their business beyond expectations.

How Can Home Care Franchise Owners Adapt to the Latest Technology?

The transition to new technology can be challenging. However, suppose you would prefer to make this transition. In that case, chances are excellent for you to miss critical marketing growth, targets, and training opportunities.

Some tips for home care franchises to adapt to the new technology are:

  • Start coaching from the beginning and do it regularly.
  • Provide one-on-one coaching whenever crucial.
  • Begin with selling the value technology adoption brings.
  • Offer perks and initiatives to staff for switching to new software or learning new tech.

Technology may help franchise owners manage their business infrastructure, modernize critical processes, and provide measurable and actionable data.

The Bottom Line

While technology plays a significant role in the home care industry, there is still much to do. And, as the home care sector continues growth and progress, having tech-enabled innovation and standard practices is still doubtful.

Relying on a service provider who recognizes the power of technology and provides good home care software can do wonders. CareSmartz360 supports franchisees with state-of-art technology and has methods for changing lives.

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