Practical Ways to Market your Home Care Business during COVID-19

Practical Ways to Market your Home Care Business

In the last few months, the United States has witnessed a large amount of change. While the government is putting every effort to overcome the situation, it’s quite hard to predict when things will return to normal.

Speaking to the home care industry alone, many agencies delivering personal care services are facing diverse challenges that they never could have predicted.

These organizations need to ensure that their marketing won’t be affected, and is altered in a way that boosts conversion rates and improves billable hours per client.

Here we’ve outlined a few practical and efficient home care marketing tactics that may help you in your day-to-day operations.

Don’t Hard-Sell, Show Support

From a marketer point of view, you need not ask yourself, ‘How could you improve your sale even during this crisis? Instead, ask ‘How can we support clients during this tough phase?’

Focusing just on brand awareness and marketing isn’t necessarily the right step as it may work against you.

The support from your agency doesn’t need to be huge. However, making some donations, or providing awareness through webinars, could be the best thing you do.

Reviews & Testimonials

We’re in a market where customers are expecting value for money, which is perhaps the reason social proof is essential more than ever before.

You must have a good online reputation, which requires adequate efforts from your end as well as from the ones who are satisfied with your services.

Ask your clients to review your company online and leave a testimonial describing your services in an elaborative way.
Also, don’t forget to ask them to offer the same on social media platforms like Facebook as it counts a lot. Since most of the elderly & the loved ones of the targeted audience are tech-savvy in today’s era, building a good online reputation builds the trust of clients and decision-makers.

Problem-Solving Content

Adding creative content to your website’s blog section isn’t the only goal; it should be relevant as well. There’s not much scope for a unique blog/article on your website until it provides a quick solution for common problems.
Content marketing is the most effective way to grow your business regardless of the current scenario as you can tailor your content delivery strategy depending on the current situation and demands of your target audience.
For instance, creating relevant content on COVID-19 tips, preventive measures, and additional guides is a great way to meet the needs of many. This will surely help you build readability on your potential clients, which further improves your conversion rates.

  • Business case studies
  • Lockdown success stories
  • How-to guides
  • COVID-19 FAQ’s
  • Latest updates

Three months from now, you’ll be glad you started your content marketing today!

Communicate with your Clients

It may sound odd but you have to ensure that you get in touch with your clients once a week. First, you need to ask them about their overall health and how they are doing during the pandemic.
Also, you must assure your clients that you are well prepared for dealing with any situation and have been following the government guidelines strictly to ensure adequate safety for them.
This will not only help in building a long-term relationship with your clients but, eventually, you’ll be able to increase billable hours per client.


Since the market condition isn’t as good as it was expected, it’s crucial to extend your support to your clients. Keep lines of communication open for your clients and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly to help keep your brand reputable in the near future.

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