Gratitude & Praise- 6 Ways to Celebrate National Caregivers Day

Ways to Celebrate National Caregivers Day

National Caregivers Day is around the corner, and it’s a time of year to reflect and celebrate the professionals that provide so much care to the elderly day in and day out.

Caregivers- we see you!. We know a lot goes into providing the best quality of care- long hours, sacrifices, and heartache. Although there are many struggles, the pure joy of helping the elderly succeed, recover, and lead a life beyond disability is priceless.

Caregiving is at the forefront of the aging population, so caregiver efforts should not go unnoticed.

This Friday, try to remember to say an extra thank you to those who work in hospice or take on a caregiving role for an elderly family member. The Providers Association started the National Caregivers Day celebration for Home Health & Hospice Agencies (PAHHHA) to honor and recognize the dedication of caregivers. It is very rightly said:

“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.”

– Tia Walker

On National Caregivers Day, let’s show our appreciation for in-home caregivers who care for our elderly loved ones. Here are six ideas you can use to show your appreciation:

  • Send Flowers:

    Sending flowers is a simple act of kindness to show you care. You can select flowers for someone based on their favorite color or nature/behavior. If you feel like flowers aren’t the right gift for non-medical caregivers, consider giving something else that they’re fond of. For instance, you can send a box of cookies, gourmet foods, goodies, candles, or a gratitude mug.

  • Pen Down a Handwritten Thank You Card:

    Receiving cards has always been a kind gesture; but a handwritten thankyou card feels more personal and heartfelt to the person receiving it. Families can assist their elderly loved ones in writing on a card or may help them transfer their thoughts on their behalf if they’re unable to do that independently. Irrespective of who writes it, a handwritten card is sure to be extra special for the receiver.

  • Offer Some Free Time:

    Seniors and their families could offer personal time off to their primary caregivers. For instance, if feasible, they could swap their in-home caregiver with a temporary replacement to seek help with daily duties like meal preparation or laundry.

  • Book a Soothing Therapy Session:

    Give your caregiver the gift of relaxation. Aromatherapy or massage therapy can help relieve stress and act as a mental “reset” button, giving caregivers a chance to rejuvenate and recharge.

  • Gift a Membership:

    Select a membership to help caregivers accommodate their hobbies as well as interests. You can have your caregivers take classes at a yoga studio to relieve stress or gift them a monthly coffee subscription to help them kick-start their mornings with a dose of energy.

    No matter what membership you choose for your caregivers, you’re sure to be in their memory when they use it.

  • Share your Praise with their Manager:

    A small compliment can go a long way for caregivers, especially if it comes from somebody they care for. Let the caregiver’s supervisor know how their services have made a massive difference in their client’s lives.

Final Words

National Caregivers Day holds great importance because caregivers are no less than heroes, and with great power comes great responsibility. They may not wear capes, but they’re real-life heroes who help the elderly in need.

It is important to recognize how demanding caregiving can be. It can be difficult to care for someone else and also find the time to balance your own needs of self-care. Although caregivers have to deal with a lot, showing your appreciation can go a long way!

February 17th is celebrated as National Caregivers Day to appreciate the efforts of caregivers and help them provide quality care in every possible way. Caregivers, we see you and we thank you!

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