How AI-based CareSmartz360 is Empowering Private-duty Home Care Agencies?

caresmartz360 is empowered with artificial intelligence to empower home care businesses

Before we delve into the possibilities opening up because of Artificial Intelligence and technological advancements in the home care industry, let us see some facts first.

  • According to the World Health Organization (WHO) –
  • Elders over the age of 60 will constitute 22% of the total population by 2050.
  • By 2050, 1.5 billion elderly is projected, which is double the numbers as of now.
  • Another study revealed that by 2060, people over the age of 65 in the US is assumed to increase from 50 million today to 100 million.

The world around us is changing at a fast pace. Things that were next to impossible and advancements that nobody could have envisioned have become a common aspect of everyone’s life. As compared to utilizing technology one or two decades ago for seeking and providing home care services, more than 40% of elders are currently using technology solutions and devices to support aging at home. Those involved in providing home care serviceshave started harnessing the power of intelligent home care solutions.

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The induction of technology in home-based care was brought to help service providers achieve their business goals and ensure quality care services, reduce operational costs, improve efficiency, and make informed decisions.

To grow a business, efficiency is key. Agencies should focus on streamlining and upgrading their support operations with advanced technologicalhome care solutions based on artificial intelligence. CareSmartz360 is empowered with Artificial Intelligence to empower home care businesses with predictive data and analysis. It is helping them to avert tomorrow’s problems with today’s technology.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in CareSmartz360

The AI module integrated within the CareSmartz360 allow private-duty home care businesses to anticipate the caregiver churn rate based on –

  • Performance and skills
  • Total on-duty hours
  • Tenure in days
  • Income in first three months
  • Income in last three months
  • No. of visits in last three months
  • Total overtime in hours
  • Average Visits per Client
  • Age in years
  • No. of days unengaged after the first visit
  • No. of different clients served till date
AI-based home care software

How AI embedded within CareSmartz360 is helping agency owners?

Caregiver Value:

This pie chart depicts the percentage of your active caregivers falling in each value segment. This evaluation is independent of the turnover score and instead depicts the value of the caregiver to your business.

Home Care AI Software Solution

Know your Caregiver(s):

Select one of the boxes below to view the list of caregivers in that segment. Alternatively, you can select one value box and one turnover risk box to see a list of caregivers that match that combined criteria. Deselect a single criterion, by clicking on the associated box, to remove the filtering for that segment.

Artificial Intelligence for Home Care - CareSmartz360

Turnover Score:

This score ranges from 0 to 1. The higher the value of this score, the more likely that the caregiver may churn.

Value Score:

This score ranges from 0 to 1. In simple words, it reflects the value of a caregiver on a numeric scale. This score is completely independent of their Turnover Score. A greater score relates to greater value.

Caregiver Churn -Home care AI software


NOTE: Segment is independent of Turnover Score as it relates only to a caregiver’s Value Score. A caregiver’s group assignment based on tenure and income.

The recent developments

Businesses are investing heavily in the convergence of technology and home care. The future business models will be focused on servicing the clients at home, rather than the clinic or office. Predictive analytics and AI, IoT, ML, and AR will have a major impact on how services are delivered. This represents a seismic shift in home care delivery.

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During the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic across the world, AI evolved as a key technology in providing patient care services as well as in managing day-to-day operations. When the outbreak happened, non-medical care providers started experiencing a sudden flow of patient’s queries, and interacting with each one of them became a challenge for them.

This is when artificial intelligence brought the solution tothe table. The technology was used as the first line of communication to handle patient inquiries and ensure that patients get their answers in real-time, despite a lack of live agents. Many agencies integrated chatbots to answer Covid-19 questions for customers. Chatbots can also identify anxiety among clients by getting them to talk about their condition and symptoms.

The final word

How do we expect the home care agencies to evolve and adapt to AI in the next few years? These agencies need to continue the trends of evolving into a variety of different forms, providing quality care experiences for their clients. There are some challenges that come with adopting the latest technologies, and home care agencies are still hesitant to spend money on these innovations because they fear rejection from consumers.

In the future, AI will influence the way we care for our loved ones. In fact, artificial intelligence is already augmenting and streamlining homecare settings. The goal here is not to replace humans, but to bring more people into the folds and improve homecare through efficiency and compassion. You can get involved by getting a spot in the technology wave that’s headed this way.Artificial intelligence is not here to replace stakeholders, rather survive and thrive in the time to come.

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