New CareSmartz360’s App Updates to Assist Agencies & Caregivers Better

CareSmartz360 App Updates to Assist Agencies & Caregivers

CareSmartz360 is back with a couple of new app updates to fine-tune our caregiver and agency mobile app.

“Change is the law of life. And, those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

-John F. Kennedy

Caresmartz strives to push for new possibilities and bring the best software version to our agencies and caregivers. The home care industry is evolving rapidly, and we aim to keep pace with the changing user needs. Our latest software updates transform how agencies provide care and manage every aspect of their business.

The recent updates in CareSmartz360’s agency and mobile app are minimal but make a nig impact on stakeholders, ensuring a smoother user experience. We have rolled out new software versions– 1.8 and 2.25 to our Agency Mobile App and Caregiver Mobile App, respectively. All users need to take care of are the minimum operating system requirements to run the software smoothly: “Lollipop” for Android and “v11.0” for Apple devices.

Our product updates bring amendments to our well-established agency and caregiver mobile apps to fix patches. It helps users stay relevant and enhance their experience.

Read on to learn what the latest software updates have in store for you:

Caregiver Mobile App- What’s New?

CareSmartz360+ Caregiver App empowers agencies, clients, and caregivers with advanced features. The caregiver mobile app gives more power to caregivers, ensuring quality care delivery.

Caregivers look forward to home care software that they can use anywhere and anytime. The intuitive interface and modern scheduling features have made facilitating care easy.

Our multilingual support, one dashboard, calendar updates, and easy accessibility of client profiles are all features that make the software desirable for our caregivers. But, we are on a constant quest for more innovation to improve the user experience, and regular updates are evidence of our vision.

We’ve made changes to our caregiver app, some of which are:

  • Ability to Reset Security Question: 

    Caregivers can now reset their own security questions on the caregiver portal and mobile app under the “My Profile Section.” Caregivers will have the ability to edit both the security question & answer. If there is a pre-filled security question and answer, in-home caregivers can edit the same. This update will help caregivers take charge of their profiles, allowing them to make changes on the go.

  • View Relevant Open Shifts: 

    Caregivers will now be able to see and apply to relevant open shifts. Caregivers can see open shifts when a caregiver is unavailable due to sickness, conflicting shifts, or if the caregiver restriction matches with the client. This change will enable caregivers and agencies to receive qualified requests.

  • Send Notifications on Response on Pre-Screening Module:Earlier, SMS and Email notifications were sent only when caregivers responded negatively to pre-screening questions. However, with this release, agencies will be notified of any caregiver response. The CareSmartz360+ Caregiver Mobile App makes caregivers’ lives so much easier. The changed user interface and improved features help caregivers provide a better way to care.

The Agency Mobile App Just Got Better

CareSmartz360 offers the best all-in-one app for office staff to increase productivity and organize daily activities. Agencies can get more control over the business, get smooth & easy communication and simplify caregiver management.

Using the latest release, agencies can attain exceptional support in their operations, some of which are:

  • Edit Caregiver Notes:

    Users can edit the caregiver notes using the agency app just like they could from the web portal. The changes in this section will be noticeable on the portal also.
  • View Attachments on the Caregiver Notes Tab:

    Agency users can view attachments in the caregiver notes section and view or download the attachment whenever required.
  • Define Base Territory:

    Agency owners can now easily define the caregiver’s base territory and select other territories. Know that the workflow will not change as it remains the same on the web portal.
  • Capture Caregiver Hire Data:

    Agencies will now be able to capture the hire data when creating a new caregiver from the agency app.
  • Modifications in Visit Status Notifications:

    Agency owners will be asked to enter the reason for the change/ cancellation in the schedule status. They need to state whether it is canceled by the client or caregiver or simply unapproved!
  • View Client’s Address on the Screen:

    With the latest software update, agency owners can see the client’s address on the screen.CareSmartz360’s agency app allows the agency staff and on-call coordinators to manage business on the go.

In Conclusion

Regular updates and software releases aim to improve the client and agency’s experience by creating a seamless workflow. We strive to empower our community by assisting with a variety of different agency operations. Our mobile app and agency app improve the quality of care, making it the software the clients always look for.

With such compelling features, CareSmartz360 helps support the 360-degree operational needs of home care individual owners, agencies, and franchisors.

See CareSmartz360’s Agency App and Mobile App in action!


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