What do Caregivers Look for in a Home Care Agency Before Accepting the Job Offer?

Job Offer in home care agency

With thousands of home care providers out there, finding the right agency feels like looking for a needle in a haystack for the caregivers. For in-home caregivers seeking new career challenges, factors like a healthy work/life balance, job satisfaction, intuitive caregiver management software, and the chance for career growth matter phenomenally.

To ensure that their job search is rewarding, a private caregiver for the elderly generally considers these home care agency characteristics before making a final decision:

Defined hours

Like everyone else, caregivers have bills to pay. They assess if the home care agency offers consistent hours routinely.

Considering that assignments/client types may vary, they ensure that the agency has several opportunities to work and that working for stipulated hours every week would not be a problem.

Flexible scheduling

If the caregiver is pursuing a degree or has a family, they consider job flexibility. They look for employers who allow them to set their hours and schedule.

Whether they’re a CNA, RN, LPN, therapist, or something else, they would like to have a healthy work/life balance by working for a home care agency that offers flexible caregiver scheduling solutions.

Good pay and benefits

It is one of the most important factors that in-home caregivers consider when choosing a home care agency. According to Payscale.com, the average hourly pay for an in-home caregiver in the U.S. is $12.84.

Caregiver salaries vary based on experience, geographic location, and employer demand.

As trained home care professionals, non-medical caregivers would want to be well-compensated for their efforts.

Thus, they look for employers who offer them the ability to make a good income upfront and the potential to increase their earning power through training, education, and extra work responsibilities.

Company culture

Some caregivers highly value workplace diversity and inclusion. In that case, they’ll choose a home care agency with a culture that aligns with their beliefs. Working with like-minded people helps them stay motivated on their bad days.

Agency reputation

Another prominent way that helps them make a careful decision is by listening to other caregivers’ experiences.

To learn about an agency, they talk to the employees, read online client reviews, and check the rewards and recognition the staff gets.

Job growth and training

Does the agency offer home care assistance to caregivers with personal development and growth opportunities, including certification courses?

They look for an employer with staff training programs that would enable them to expand their skills and advance their careers.


Non-medical caregivers make decisions in a very nuanced manner. They aren’t just looking for ‘the next job’ but a career role that offers a balance between their personal and professional lives.

The emphasis on factors such as flexible scheduling, company culture, and growth opportunities underscores the evolving dynamics of the caregiving industry.

Now, the factor of payments is no longer enough for employees – the factor of personal fulfillment, respect, and prospects is more important. These new demands mean that home care agencies must re-imagine their priorities and offerings to caregivers.

Exactly these changes will allow home care agencies to meet the new demands of caregivers looking to join them.

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