March Product Release: Enhancements to Caregiver Mobile App and EVV/EDI Updates

Following are the changes in this release:

There will be an update to the Caregiver Mobile App with this release via code push Version 2.39 with code push version 1.1 will be applicable and no change is coming for Agency Mobile App iOS & Android will be released.

The minimum operating system requirements are “Lollipop” for Android and v11.0 for Apple devices.

APS Payroll – CSV Report

The agency users will now be able to download APS compatible CSV files. A download option has been added under the View Finalized Payroll Batch screen.



On click of the APS Payroll, the APS file would be downloaded.



The Employee Name appears in the format of FirstName LastName. The Employee Number corresponds to the Payroll File Number found in the HR tab of the Caregiver’s Profile. The Department is determined by the base territory defined in the Caregiver’s profile. RegHr represents the total hours worked, while TrainHR represents the total meeting hours.

View the global Schedule Calendar in the Client’s time zone

Agency users now have enhanced features to view the Global Schedule Calendar in the Client’s time zone:

With the ‘Group by Client’ option, Agency users can now see schedules grouped by Client, displaying each client’s time zone alongside the schedule time in the schedule card. These updates will be visible in both Day and Week views.

In the Bulk edit window, the time zone is now included next to the Start Time and End Time for each Client’s schedule. Additionally, beneath the schedule table, the Start Time and End Time fields will reflect the Client’s time zone, ensuring all conflicts are shown in the Client’s time zone.




Furthermore, the ‘Group by Caregiver’ option allows Agency users to view schedules by Caregiver, with each client’s time zone displayed alongside the schedule time in the schedule card. Again, these changes will be visible in Day and Week views.

In the Bulk edit window, the Client’s time zone is now added next to the Start Time and End Time for each schedule. Below the schedule table, the Start Time and End Time fields will display the Office’s time zone (since Caregivers do not have individual time zones). All conflicts will also be shown in the Client’s time zone.




Please note that the schedule summary window is currently in a testing phase and is expected to be released in the next couple of weeks.

DMAS 99 Form

User(s) will have the ability to generate DMAS 99 form individually at each client level. A new tab has been introduced at the client profile in the name of DMAS where in the dropdown the user will be able to select the DMAS 99 form section. Upon selection, all the relevant sections will be populated for the users to enter the details & then hit Save.

There will be a Generate DMAS 99 button where in upon clicking, the user would be able to view the PDF & download the same in state mandated format.

Also, the required information already populated under the main tab for client’s profile shall be auto populated on the DMAS form window so that the user does not have to enter the same information twice.

Ability to View tasks status on the Time tracking – Schedule review window

Users will have the ability to view the tasks status on the time tracking Schedule review window. There is a new filter that is been introduced on the time tracking Schedule review tab → Task status. By default, all the task status will be selected for the users & in the list against each schedule with a count of completed V/S all tasks in that schedule.

On click of the count, user will be able to view the list of tasks along with their status to geta more detail view.


Ability to applying client’s signature from previous completed shifts at the time clock-out by Caregivers

Caregivers will now have the ability to apply client’s signature from the previous completed shifts at the time of clock-out.

Under office settings, the user will enable the settings “client signature required at the time of clock-out”, once this setting is enabled, system will prompt the user to make selection if they wish to allow caregivers to copy signature from previous shift.

By default the setting will be No. When the setting is turned on as “YES”, dropdown will appear with the list of caregivers for selection. User will have the option to select either all caregivers or only selected ones they wish to enable this setting.



Once the setting is enabled, Caregivers will get another option at the time of clock out on the Caregiver App & portal to tick the radio button:

  • Apply signature from Previous shift.

This setting will be an option in addition to the previous 3 settings:

  • Client signature
  • Audio Signature
  • Others

This feature will be applicable for both caregiver app(online & Offline mode) & caregiver portal.



Memo Field to marked as Optional when adding Credits/Adjustments

While adding credits/adjustments to the invoices from Payment register or the Invoicing screen, The memo field will be an optional field so that users don’t need to input a memo every time they add credits/adjustments to the invoice raised.


Adding the email file formats as acceptable formats

The following email file formats have been marked as acceptable formats when uploading to key documents in both client and caregiver profiles:

  • .eml
  • .pst
  • .mbox
  • .ost
  • .vcf
  • .ics


EVV/EDI Updates

Sandata Updates

1. In the State of Rhode Island, RI Medicaid is a new payer that needs to be added in the CareSmartz360 system. For RI Medicaid payer that the M10 program should be available with service T1000 for all modifier combinations.

List of the combinations is mentioned in the link below:


2. Following exceptions have been updated in the state of Rhode Island:



3. Following exceptions have been implemented in the state of California:



4. Following exception updates in the state of Pennsylvania:

  • The other exception Code – 34 has been removed



HHAeXchange Updates

1. In the state of Mississippi, the following payers have been deprecated:

  • S9124 and G0154

2. Following procedure codes have been added along with their modifier combination.

3. Link – https://hhaxsupport.s3.amazonaws.com/SupportDocs/EDI Guides/EVV Aggregation/MS/HHAX EVV API Technical Specifications_ MS.pdf




Carebridge updates in the state of Wyoming

Following Procedure Codes (services codes) are required to be mapped to the Care Plan Tasks in order to send the correct task code to Carebridge at the schedule level.

Link – https://carebridgehealth.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052858053-Wyoming



EDI Integration with MassHealth in the state of Massachusetts

CareSmartz360 is now integrated with Mass health as clearing house in the state of Massachusetts. The provider agencies will have to get their TPA’s signs in order to get this moving forward.

Ability to add Rendering provider, Supervisor provider & Ordering provider information for EDI – Clearing houses

For any integration, new EDI tab in Client profile is introduced where in the following details will shown – A new tab is being introduced in the client profile under the name of “EDI” where in the users can put the following rendering provider, supervisor provider or Ordering provider information to be sent in the 837 P & I files.

The values entered in this tab will be picked for the EDI files in case they are different based on payer to payer basis.




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