How to Get More Home Care Referrals from Your Clients

Ruby Posted by Ruby November 20, 2018

In 2017, the second biggest reason for choosing a specific home care agency by a client was the recommendation of family members and friends who are either existing clients or were in the past.

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Home care agencies are well aware of the value of their clients in providing new home care referrals. Thus, it is imperative for a home care business to have the right strategies and plans for turning clients into promoters.

Promoters are similar to an unofficial advertiser for your agency. They will talk about how good your services are to family and friends, and if someone ever asks about a recommendation, they will be super excited to hand over your business card to them or give them your contact information. Remember, if you have clients referred by other clients, you will be spending fewer resources on marketing, benefit from extended client relationships, and have a turnover that will add to your profits.

As a home care business owner, you can initiate an action plan that will help in turning clients into promoters and set a continuous flow of a higher number of referrals.

Ask your clients to score you in different areas and provide suggestions on things you can improve. Follow this by asking how likely they would recommend your name to others looking for home care providers. This will help you understand how satisfied your client is and what you should do to achieve top score and positive feedback from the client in all areas.


Take negative feedback as a gift. Don’t make excuses. No one will be more honest about what you should do to satisfy a client except an unsatisfied client. Try to work on the criticism and take it as an opportunity to level up your business acumen in providing satisfactory services.

Best practices to incorporate for seeking client referrals –

  • Offer incentives to your existing clients if they refer someone to use your services. Try giving referral cards periodically to clients and offer a discount on their invoice when someone they referred to you become a client.
  • Nurture your relationship with the clients, existing ones as well as previous ones, by following up and personally thanking them for recommending your name. Send gifts or any other kind of rewards to them on occasions like their birthdays, anniversary, or Christmas to foster goodwill.
  • Provide monetary benefits to your agency staff if they bring in a client. Have a competition among all the staff and reward the one who is exceptional in this area.
  • Stay in touch with your previous clients to check up on how they are doing. It is not necessary that you ask for a referral every time you communicate to a current or previous client. A courtesy call can do wonders.

Keeping track of the satisfaction levels of your clients, improving things to provide a better experience, and incorporating best practices for getting more home care referrals is a win-win situation for everyone. To learn more about how CareSmartz360 can help you in getting more client referrals, talk to us.

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