West Virginia Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

EVV Model: Open Model | Aggregator: EDI file /TELLUS/HHAeXchange| CareSmartz360 EVV Solution: Available | Implementation Deadline: January 01, 2021

CareSmartz360 is integrated with the state system. Agencies can use CareSmartz360 as an EVV compliant home care software in West Virginia to bill for Medicaid benefits.

Governing Body: West Virginia Bureau for Medical Services

Questions about EVV?

EVV is still to be implemented in most of the states with different guidelines and regulations. We’re keeping up with the updates related to EVV implementation and if there is something we haven’t included, please share with us. To learn how CareSmartz360 can help in ensuring compliance, please get in touch with us.

FAQs: West Virginia EVV Implementation

Yes, home health agencies providing the above listed care services come under EVV mandate. If the agencies submit a claim for reimbursement without corresponding documentation through EVV after deadline.

Behavioral Services (provided in the home) , Consumer Directed Attendant Support Services (CDASS) , Durable Medical Equipment (requiring in-home setup) , Home Health , Homemaker ,Hospice , Independent Living Skills Training (ILST) , In-Home Respite , In-Home Support Services (IHSS) , Occupational Therapy (provided in the home) , Physical Therapy (provided in the home) , Pediatric Behavioral Therapy , Pediatric Personal Care , Personal Care , Private Duty Nursing , Speech Therapy (provided in the home) , Youth Day.

Yes, it is absolutely necessary to use EVV in order to continue to provide care services and be reimbursed. The claims that you submit without using this system will be denied.

No, you do not have to bear any continuous cost for the DSS EVV system. However, if you choose to integrate your current scheduling system into DSS’ EVV system, or any other third-party EVV-based solution then you will incur the cost of that service.

A number of home care software solutions are available in the market today that are integrated with features and functionalities to adhere to all the compliance and contribute in the best possible care delivery. A basic feature look for is a solution that is easy to use by your staff, caregivers, patients, agency owners and patient’s family.
The bottom line is that whatever EVV-based solution your agency chooses, it must document precisely that a visit took place, ensure that caregivers provided the expected services, allow for timely and accurate documentation of the activities performed, and ensure compliance.

The objective an electronic visit verification system is to reduce the need for managing paper timesheets manually. This will also help to eliminate the need for caregivers to report to the agencies with paper timesheets.

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EVV State Guide

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  • Telephony
  • Ensure Compliance & Regulation
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