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New Mexico EVV Home Care Software Solution

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    Power your Home Care Agency with a Hassle-free Billing Software

    EVV Model: Closed Model | Aggregator: AuthentiCare |
    CareSmartz360 EVV Solution: N/A
    Implementation Deadline: January 01, 2021

    Since New Mexico is a closed model state, the Medicaid program will choose a state-mandated EVV system.

    With CareSmartz360, an award-winning home care software in New Mexico, agencies can receive assistance with Private pay, Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI), and Veteran Affairs billing, improving care outcomes and maximizing reimbursements.

    Our home care software enables agencies to streamline operations and ensure compliance with easy-to-use features.

    • HIPAA Compliant
    • Advanced Analytics and Insight
    • Manage Schedules
    • Automated Billing
    • AI-based Caregiver Retention
    • Open APIs
    • Multilingual Mobile App
    • Caregiver Tracking
    • Private Pay, LTCI & Veteran Affairs Billing
    • Point of Care Documentation
    • Easy Migration
    • Award-Winning Support

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    New Mexico's Home Care Regulations & Facts

    Do you know?

    Health Facility Licensing & Certification (HFLC) regulates the home health industry in New Mexico. This facility comprises two bureaus- the Program Operations Bureau and the District Operations Bureau. These two bureaus are responsible for licensing and certifying the health facilities in New Mexico.

    As a home care business owner, you might feel like you don't have time to stay up-to-date on state laws and regulations. Thus, here are some common state laws you need to be aware of:

    • The average pay rate for a caregiver in New Mexico is $13.96/hr. 
    • New Mexico has adopted the Criminal Offender Employment Act (COEA), famous under Ban-the-Box
    • New Mexico labor laws require home care providers to offer overtime, which must be 1.5 times their regular pay rate for all hours over 40. 
    • New Mexico paid sick leave law requires New Mexico providers with one or more workers to provide a minimum of 8 days (64 hours) of paid sick leave yearly. 
    • New Mexico's worker's compensation providers offer benefits to workers injured on the job or those with work-related illnesses. 
    • The prevailing minimum wage federally is $7.25. However, the prevailing minimum wage in New Mexico is $7.50. 
    • Severance pay for full-time workers equals three months' wages in addition to 20 days' worth of wages for each year the worker has worked.

    Using home care management software can make your life easier and help New Mexico Home Care Agencies verify and keep track of caregiver billing and payroll. Caregiver training helps caregivers expand their skills and lets them learn anywhere and anytime!

    See how CareSmartz360 can help!

    Home Care Regulations & Facts

    A User-Friendly Mobile EVV Solution for New Mexico

    Responsively designed and feature-rich apps to seamlessly run your home care agency on the go.

    Caregiver App

    GPS-enabled app to seamlessly manage caregiver visits.

    • Multilingual Support
    • Easy Clock-In/Clock-Out
    • Verify Visits at the Point of Care
    • View Care Plans on the Go
    • Shift Tasks & Shift Status
    • Offline Mode & Alerts
    Mobile EVV Solution for Home Care Agencies

    Mobile App for
    Agency Staff

    Increase agency staff productivity and organize daily activities on-the-go.

    • Easy Calendar View
    • Real-time Communication
    • Streamline Client Management
    • Simplify Caregiver Management
    • Easy Information Access
    • Easy to Use

    All-in-One Homecare Management Solution For New Mexico

    CareSmartz360 is a trusted partner for New Mexico home care agencies looking to scale their operations while meeting state laws and regulations.

    CareSmartz360 Home Care Management Solution

    Solutions Tailored for Diverse Home Care Agency Users

    A Complete Guide To Home Care In New Mexico

    • New Mexico’s Home Care Laws & Regulations
    • State's Care Plan & Medication Management Regulations
    • Home Care Staff Screening & Training Requirements
    • Hassle-free Billing Solution to Power Your Home Care Agency
    • Challenges Faced by Agencies in New Mexico
    • How CareSmartz360 Helps Overcome These Challenges?
    Guide To Home Care In New Mexico
    Guide To Home Care In New Mexico

    FAQs: Home Care in New Mexico

    New Mexico adopted the Criminal Offender Employment Act (COEA) in 2019. Private employers with four or more employees from inquiring about an applicant's criminal history on initial employment. As per law, the home care provider must wait after the interview to ask about the applicant's criminal history.

    New Mexico workers generally have difficulty complying with the state's wage and hour laws because there are many laws to abide by. The home care providers rules for minimum wages, the minimum wage for tipped employees, payroll deductions, and wage payment timing laws.

    A home care management app helps with immense features like scheduling, punch-in/punch-out, caregiver task list checklist, maintaining reports, client feedback, and shift management. All these features of an all-in-one home care management software enable quality care delivery.

    It can be challenging to bill third-party vendors like Veteran Affairs. However, these are important since these VA billings help home care agencies increase the number of clients and even extend the care level with additional benefits.

    Thus, with CareSmartz360, agencies can use electronic invoicing and customer service to reduce billing time.

    Yes. CareSmartz360 is well-integrated with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online for smooth billing and ADP for Payroll. And the payroll batch helps in easy billing for caregivers with absolute accuracy through CareSmartz360.

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