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An integrated EVV Solution that helps meet Massachusetts-based agency's home care management software needs CURES Act regulations, laws, and operational needs.

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    Make Medicaid Claims and
    EVV Compliance Simple

    EVV Model: Open Model | Aggregator: ASAP |
    CareSmartz360 EVV Solution: Available
    Implementation Deadline: January 01, 2021

    CareSmartz360, a leading home care software, is integrated with a Massachusetts-approved aggregator. Telephony & GPS-Enabled Mobile App solution assists Medicaid- enforcing businesses in meeting state EVV requirements. Our EVV solution enables agencies to streamline operations and ensure compliance with easy-to-use features.

    • HIPAA & EVV Compliant
    • Smart Telephony
    • Manage Schedules
    • Automated Billing
    • Robust EVV Reporting
    • Open APIs
    • GPS-Enabled Mobile App
    • Caregiver Tracking
    • Error-Free Medicaid Claim Submission
    • Point of Care Documentation
    • Easy Migration
    • Award-Winning Support

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    Understanding Massachusetts’ Electronic Visit Verification

    Home Care Licensing Commission helps establish a statewide licensing process for home care agencies in the Commonwealth and mandates implementing an Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system for Medicaid-funded Personal Care Services (PCS). Home care agencies require EVV to track and monitor service delivery and access to care for members.

    January 01, 2019

    Section 12006 within the 21st Century CURES Act listed a requirement for states to implement a compliant EVV system for Medicaid-funded Personal Care Services (PCS).

    January 01, 2021

    Like many other states dealing with strict EVV start deadlines, Massachusetts applied for and was granted a good faith exemption from the original EVV deadline. CMS had granted the extension, and January 01, 2021, was selected as the new implementation date.

    The 21st Century Cures Act required agencies to select an EVV system that electronically verifies their information.

    Massachusetts's Home Care Regulations & Facts

    Do you know?

    Massachusetts is one of the states that do not license or regulate the private pay and home care industry. These agencies do not work under the federal or state contract but assist families that shoulder these costs alone. Some laws and regulations on caregivers/employers in Massachusetts are:

    • If a caregiver is scheduled to work for 3 hours or more and is sent home, the home care provider must pay at least minimum wage.
    • Caregivers in Massachusetts are compensated for travel time, particularly when asked to go to a different location.
    • Massachusetts regulations mandate a 30-minute lunch break during shifts that are longer than six hours. There are no other rest breaks other than the lunch break.
    • Massachusetts mandates agencies to have their own written policy for time and attendance. Employees are required to enter their daily time through reported time, punch time, time collection device, interactive voice-response, and phoning or emailing hours.
    • Caregivers must also report their overtime or compensatory time in the same pay period in which it is earned.

    A home care management software can help you abide by Massachusetts non-medical industry laws. Time tracking, billing, and payroll become accessible- all thanks to the GPS-enabled technology.

    See how CareSmartz360 helps meet Massachusetts's strict laws & regulations!

    Home Care Regulations & Facts

    A User-Friendly Mobile EVV Solution for Massachusetts

    Responsively designed and feature-rich apps to seamlessly run your home care agency on the go.

    Caregiver App

    GPS-enabled app to seamlessly manage caregiver visits.

    • Multilingual Support
    • Electronic Visit Verification
    • Easy Clock-In/Clock-Out
    • Verify Visits at the Point of Care
    • View Care Plans on the Go
    • Shift Tasks & Shift Status
    • Offline Mode & Alerts
    Mobile EVV Solution for Home Care Agencies

    Mobile App for
    Agency Staff

    Increase agency staff productivity and organize daily activities on-the-go.

    • Electronic Visit Verification
    • Easy Calendar View
    • Real-time Communication
    • Streamline Client Management
    • Simplify Caregiver Management
    • Easy Information Access
    • Easy to Use

    All-in-One Homecare Management Solution For Massachusetts

    CareSmartz360 is a trusted partner for Massachusetts home care agencies looking to scale their operations while meeting state laws and regulations, including EVV standards.

    CareSmartz360 Home Care Management Solution

    Solutions Tailored for Diverse Home Care Agency Users

    A Complete Guide to Home Care in Massachusetts

    • Massachusetts Home Care Laws & Regulations
    • State's Care Plan & Medication Management Regulations
    • Home Care Staff Screening & Training Requirements
    • EVV Mandates and Medicaid Coverage Laws
    • Challenges Faced by Agencies in Massachusetts
    • How CareSmartz360 Helps Overcome These Challenges?
    Guide To Home Care In Massachusetts
    Guide To Home Care In Massachusetts

    FAQs: Home Care in Massachusetts

    Massachusetts uses Alt-EVV, which provider agencies use outside of the MyTimesheet EVV system and are considered to be “alternate” EVV systems to the system. Providers in Massachusetts are free to choose their own system for electronic visit verification as long as these alternate EVV systems collect and transit data accurately.

    Massachusetts Medicaid EVV requirements (popular under the name MassHealth EVV will need to be addressed and prepared by agencies operating within the state. The Massachusetts Medicaid program is administered by the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) to provide an EVV system which complies with the federal Medicaid requirements and also minimizes the undue burden on the users.

    If you have an existing EVV-based solution in use, it should:

    • Ensure the EVV system collects all information required by the CURES Act
    • Monitor and track caregivers/attendants to verify delivery of care needed
    • Encourage all Medicaid-funded Personal Care Services recipients to use EVV, explaining the risk of losing service eligibility if EVV is refused.

    Suppose you are not under an agreement with an EVV vendor. In that case, you should identify and contract an EVV vendor as soon as possible, ensuring the vendor of choice collects all required information.

    Massachusetts has announced that it will deny claims for services provided without EVV compliance. To avoid your agency being a risk of claim denials, it is vital to have a robust system that integrates EVV into claims generation.

    According to the state regulation, an on-call time is compensable working time unless the employee is not required to be at the work site and is free to use their time for their own purposes.

    Caregivers are paid 1.5 times their regular hourly rate for all the hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a given work week. As per the state law, employees/caregivers are not mandated to come for overtime after 8 hours in a day.

    If a caregiver refuses to accept the altered changes to the work schedule, the home care provider may terminate the caregiver. However, the caregiver is entitled to get a severance pay.

    You can simplify your business operations by utilizing CareSmartz360’s home care management software. With the use of GPS-enabled technology, Massachusetts Home Care Agencies may quickly check and keep track of caregiver training, visits, scheduling, billing, payroll, leave policies, and more while being EVV compliant.

    Real-time updates and streamlined processes help caregivers enhance their quality of care. With home care software like CareSmartz360, caregivers can get quick insights into their upcoming shifts and leverage offline mode to enhance data synchronization.

    With one dashboard, caregivers may:

    • View upcoming shifts or an ongoing shift
    • Perform clock-in/ clock-out
    • View appointments for the day, the task list, and patient data easily.
    • Work on disconnected/ offline mode
    • Schedule detail screen to perform schedule-related operations.

    CareSmartz360 offers a robust billing solution for smart and accurate billing, adequate payment, and quick reporting. Care providers can submit claims the same day they offer services and get paid faster to be able to stay ahead of claim denials.

    Additionally, CareSmartz360 is an all-inclusive of electronic visit verification for agencies who bill Medicaid, capture data required for EVV, and helps stay caregivers focused on care delivery.

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