Louisiana Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

EVV Model: Open Model | Aggregator: LASRS | CareSmartz360 EVV Solution: Available | Implementation Deadline: January 01, 2021

Caresmartz360 is now integrated with LASRS in the state of Louisiana. Agencies can use CareSmartz360 as an EVV compliant home care software in Louisiana to bill for Medicaid benefits.

Governing Body: Louisiana Department of Health

Questions about EVV?

EVV is still to be implemented in most of the states with different guidelines and regulations. We’re keeping up with the updates related to EVV implementation and if there is something we haven’t included, please share with us. To learn how CareSmartz360 can help in ensuring compliance, please get in touch with us.

FAQs: Louisiana EVV Implementation

  • Accessible from any location and any smart device with internet connection and web browser
  • Allows for manual data entry and edits when necessary
  • Automatically checks for Medicaid Excluded individuals who cannot be hired
  • Eliminates the need for most manual data entry
  • GPS verification of services meets Federal Cures Act requirements
  • More accurate data than manual time sheets
  • Real-time access to workers, participants, and their services
  • Reduces errors and overlaps, minimizing staff time for corrections
  • Reduces lag time for reports
  • Streamlines check in/out process for direct service workers – allows clock-ins to span midnight and day and night hours without requiring the worker to re-clock in/out
  • Time and Attendance Report showing services worked by each DSW including total time for the period
  • Workers able to view past services
  • Workers who have smart phones will be able to use their own phones

At the time of EVV implementation, the agency will be provided detailed instruction on how to set up each caregiver in the EVV system and provide them unique IDs that are used for visit verification. The EVV system will know and use each caregivers unique ID and information to automatically verify who they are when they record visit information.

Whenever there is a change in care plan, the EVV system will send the alert with a pop-up message to the caregiver.

This means that required care will be delivered by an appropriately credentialed caregiver.

Ideally, in such a situation, it is recommended that the caregiver should capture the start time and end time as they transition between care activities.

The technology used in EVV system to verify the caregiver’s location will only record locations at the start and end of the care delivery. For any other time, it does not record anything.

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EVV State Guide

CareSmartz360 EVV Ready
  • Caregivers Tracking
  • Clock-in, Clock-out
  • Manage Schedules
  • Telephony
  • Ensure Compliance & Regulation
  • GPS Enabled Caregiver Mobile App

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