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CareSmartz360, an all-in-one home care software solution, is planning to join hands with agencies to help meet Louisiana’s EVV standards, laws, and operational needs.

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Louisiana EVV Home Care Software Solution

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    Make Medicaid Claims and
    EVV Compliance Simple

    EVV Model: Open Model | Aggregator: LASRS |
    CareSmartz360 EVV Solution: Coming Soon
    Implementation Deadline: January 01, 2021

    CareSmartz360 is working closely with Louisiana to meet the state’s EVV requirements and become fully compliant. Our cloud-based home care software includes Telephony & GPS-Enabled Mobile App features to assist Medicaid- enforcing providers in delivering quality care with easy-to-use features.

    • GPS-Enabled Mobile App
    • Caregiver Tracking
    • Automated Billing
    • Robust Reporting
    • Open APIs
    • Smart Telephony
    • Manage Schedules
    • Point of Care Documentation
    • Easy Migration
    • Award-Winning Support

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    Understanding Louisiana’s Electronic Visit Verification

    The Louisiana Department of Health, Health Standards Section mandates implementing an Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system for Medicaid-funded Personal Care Services (PCS). The department utilizes EVV to track and monitor service delivery and access to care for members.

    January 01, 2021

    was selected as the implementation date, and agencies can use EVV-compliant home care software in Louisiana to bill for Medicaid benefits.

    The 21st Century Cures Act required agencies to select an EVV system that electronically verifies their information.

    Louisiana's Home Care Regulations & Facts

    Do you know?

    The new Louisiana law aims to protect the health, safety, and well-being of the elderly and disabled adults of the state. The purpose of the law is to adhere to uniform statewide minimum standards and regulate conditions through licensing. Some laws that guide Louisiana’s home care industry are:

    • Louisiana’s hiring laws can be divided into two categories- discrimination laws and general employment laws to prevent unlawful practices.
    • Louisiana law does not require employers to pay employees if they show up for work, but no work is performed.
    • Caregiver training hours in Louisiana are higher than in other states. Caregivers must compulsorily engage in 12 hours of professional training.
    • Live-in domestic service employee exemption applies to caregivers in Louisiana as live-in caregivers are not entitled to overtime.
    • To be paid a minimum wage, home care workers must keep their essential employment records (payroll records) for at least three years. These records are used to calculate the amount of pay owed to caregivers.
    • The mileage reimbursement rate in Louisiana is 54 cents per mile.

    A home care management software can help you abide by changing Louisiana’s non-medical industry laws. The GPS-enabled technology assists with efficient time-tracking, record keeping, and training to help agencies and caregivers grow.

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    Home Care Regulations & Facts

    A User-Friendly Mobile EVV Solution for Louisiana

    Responsively designed and feature-rich apps to seamlessly run your home care agency on the go.

    Caregiver App

    GPS-enabled app to seamlessly manage caregiver visits.

    • Multilingual Support
    • Electronic Visit Verification
    • Easy Clock-In/Clock-Out
    • Verify Visits at the Point of Care
    • View Care Plans on the Go
    • Shift Tasks & Shift Status
    • Offline Mode & Alerts
    Mobile EVV Solution for Home Care Agencies

    Mobile App for
    Agency Staff

    Increase agency staff productivity and organize daily activities on-the-go.

    • Electronic Visit Verification
    • Easy Calendar View
    • Real-time Communication
    • Streamline Client Management
    • Simplify Caregiver Management
    • Easy Information Access
    • Easy to Use

    All-in-One Homecare Management Solution For Louisiana

    CareSmartz360 is a trusted partner for Louisiana home care agencies looking to scale their operations while meeting state laws and regulations, including EVV standards.

    CareSmartz360 Home Care Management Solution

    Solutions Tailored for Diverse Home Care Agency Users

    A Complete Guide to Home Care in Louisiana

    • Louisiana Home Care Laws & Regulations
    • State's Care Plan & Medication Management Regulations
    • Home Care Staff Screening & Training Requirements
    • EVV Mandates and Medicaid Coverage Laws
    • Challenges Faced by Agencies in Louisiana
    • How CareSmartz360 Helps Overcome These Challenges?
    Guide for Home Care Agencies In Louisiana
    Guide for Home Care Agencies In Louisiana

    FAQs: Home Care in Louisiana

    Louisiana is an open model state, and its EVV implementation deadline was January 01, 2021.

    The following is a high level summary of anticipated changes that home care agencies may witness after the implementation of EVV:

    Things that Stay the Same Things that Will be Different
    Member choice of provider Elimination of paper timesheets
    Availability of services Use of EVV devices
    Member choice of individual direct care worker How member/representative signature is collected
    How services are provided Verification is required by member/representative at the end of every visit/shift

    The Electronic Visit Verification solution helps verify which caregivers have clocked in and clocked out on time and total billable hours spent on the shift. This helps sort confusions related to invoicing, settling disputes, and legal compliance.

    A special FLSA rule applies to home care workers who reside in the same house as the clients they work for. These workers are called live-in home care workers and are entitled to receive the federal minimum wage for their hours worked. However, they are not required to receive overtime. This is known as live-in domestic service employee exemption.

    A prevailing wage is the basic hourly rate of wages, and these benefits are paid to several employees who have been employed in a given geography. Louisiana does not have a prevailing wage law and is guided by the Fair Law Standards Act (FLSA).

    The current federal mileage reimbursement for home care workers in Louisiana is 62.5 cents per mile. However, it only covers the miles driven by the worker on the job and not commuting to work.

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