Florida Electronic Visit Verification (EVV)

EVV Model: Open Model | Aggregators: TELLUS/HHA exchange | Implementation Deadline: January 01, 2021

CareSmartz360 is integrated with the state system. Agencies can use CareSmartz360 as an EVV compliant home care software in Florida to bill for Medicaid benefits.

Governing Body: Agency for Health Care Administration

Questions about EVV?

EVV is still to be implemented in most of the states with different guidelines and regulations. We’re keeping up with the updates related to EVV implementation and if there is something we haven’t included, please share with us. To learn how CareSmartz360 can help in ensuring compliance, please get in touch with us.

FAQs: Florida EVV Implementation

The EVV system must be utilized to record and verify the delivery of home health services (home health visits, private duty nursing, and personal care services) using technology solutions for identifying delivery of the service and deterring fraudulent or abusive billing for the service. Also, the EVV solution must provide an electronic billing interface and the electronic submission of claims for home health services.

Depending on the MCO plan, each provider selected an EVV company to manage the confirmations of visits and verification for claim approval. Please check with your MCO program. The two companies participating in Florida are Tellus and HHAeXchange.

Yes, care providers can integrate a third-party solution with the AHCA EVV System after approval. Home health providers who have an EVV system may continue to use it to capture and send EVV data to the EVV Claims system for billing.

An annual provider fee to support the Statewide EVV system is under consideration. Home care agencies who are using EVV-based software solution as per the State’s technical specifications and are approved as EVV vendors can continue to use their EVV systems.

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EVV State Guide

CareSmartz360 EVV Ready
  • Caregivers Tracking
  • Clock-in, Clock-out
  • Manage Schedules
  • Telephony
  • Ensure Compliance & Regulation
  • GPS Enabled Caregiver Mobile App

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