Exploring Innovations in Home Care: 2023 HCAOA National Home Care Conference Featuring CareSmartz360

2023 HCAOA National Home Care Conference

With the continuous evolution of modern technology and the dynamic landscape of the home care industry, home care services have never been in higher demand. Home care conferences are poised to elevate home care to new heights, and 2023 HCAOA National Home Care Conference is an event you won’t want to miss!

Whether you are already a dedicated user of CareSmartz360 or are eager to stay at the forefront of the latest trends in the home care sector, the 2023 HCAOA National Home Care Conference offers a prime opportunity to fortify your strategies and expand your home care endeavors as we showcase CareSmartz360 at the conference. Catch our team members, Ruby Mehta (Vice President, Sales) and Mike Paladino (Account Executive) at Booth #414.

This conference will bring together leading experts, visionaries, and practitioners who will delve into the intricacies of strategies tailored to your business. The Conference will also provide you with a unique chance to enhance your home care enterprise by leveraging the prestige of the HCAOA conference website, establishing valuable connections, and utilizing conference e-blasts to bolster your brand recognition.

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Conference Dates
October 23-25, 2023

Hilton, Chicago

A Glimpse into 2023 HCAOA National Home Care Conference

The Hilton Chicago is an event where home care owners and executives from across the United States will converge during one of the most critical times in the industry’s history. This year’s conference promises to have great opportunities and the chance to tackle numerous challenges as a united force.

In an industry that thrives on the principle of “being better together,” the HCAOA conference will provide a platform for collective action. Attendees will advocate for increased access to affordable care, engage in discussions to find solutions for the workforce crisis and support family caregivers and veterans. Furthermore, there will be a call to urge government authorities to enhance how we care for our growing aging population, ensuring that all Americans have access to in-home care where they want it most – in the comfort of their own homes.

Unleashing New Opportunities with Keynote Sessions

The conference agenda is jam-packed, with two full days featuring 16 concurrent sessions. These sessions will delve into topics that matter most to industry professionals, such as improving quality, streamlining operations, enhancing the workforce, and diversifying revenue streams. Keynote speeches on leadership and innovation will provide fresh insights and inspiration.

Keynote Speakers

Kindra Hall

She’ll demonstrate the irresistible power of strategic storytelling in her keynote, empowering attendees to captivate customers, influence behavior, and transform their business.

Dave Rendall

In “Pink Goldfish,” Dave Rendall presents an unconventional eight-part framework based on 200 case studies, helping companies achieve competitive separation by embracing their flaws rather than fixing them.

Conference Sessions at a Glance

We at CareSmartz360 are pleased to summarize the 3-day conference agenda below:

  • Working with Optum and TriWest in the Veteran Affairs Community Care Network (VACCN)
    Optum & TriWest

    The HCAOA Veteran Affairs Advisory Council is hosting a session featuring Optum and TriWest Healthcare Alliance leaders. They will discuss their role as credentialing providers in the VA Community Care Network and share insights on claims and provider billing.

  • Leveraging AI & Data to Meet Human Needs
    Romi Gubes, CEO | Sensi.Ai & Alo n Brener, Co-Founder and CRO | Sensi.Ai

    AI innovations are reshaping the future of home care right now. Machine learning and generative AI analyze data to spot patterns, address workforce shortages, and tailor care for each client’s needs. This data-driven approach enhances operational efficiency, elevates client satisfaction, and fosters a healthier aging experience at home.

  • You’re Being Sued! Now What? How To Respond To Record Request Letters, Class Actions, and Other Litigation, Plus Wage & Hour Issues To Avoid
    Bob King, Attorney & Founder | Legally Nanny

    This session will help your home care agency ensure compliance and protect against legal issues. Learn how to handle lawyer inquiries, including record requests, demand letters, and litigation. We’ll also address important wage and hour issues concerning home care agencies, keeping you legally compliant.

  • How to Market Care in the Home Utilizing Accreditation and Data- Driven Results
    Kathy Valencia, Field Director | The Joint Commission

    In this session, the expert will talk about the impact of accreditation on quality, safety, and ROI for giving your clients valuable insights on choosing a home care organization.

  • Latest Legal Developments Impacting the Home Care Industry
    Angelo Spinola, Home Health, Home Care and Hospice Chair | Polsinelli

    Join attorney Angelo Spinola as he discusses key legal trends affecting home care agencies, strategies for compliance and success, and the impact of the Biden administration. He’ll also cover recent employment lawsuits and proactive measures to prevent litigation and DOL investigations. Stick around for a Q&A session at the end!

  • Companssionomics in Home Care: The impact of Compassion on Home Care Clients,

    Caregivers, and Companies
    Stephen Tweed, Founder | Home Care CEO Forum

    Compassionomics, led by Stephen Tweed, explores the science of compassion’s impact on health, healthcare, and professionals. Discover how demonstrating compassion benefits home care clients, caregivers, and company success. Learn how to leverage compassion to attract more clients and caregivers while improving your company’s performance.

  • Technology in In-Home Care
    Clayton Foutch, Founder and COO | Home Matters Caregiving

    In the home care industry, we often need help adopting technology to serve our clients better. In this session, Foutch will use his experience as a process improvement engineer to guide you on effectively evaluating and implementing new technology. We’ll discuss successes, failures and how to implement winning ideas.

  • Home Care Insurance: Insider Analysis, Cost Expectations, 101 Coverages, and Risk Management Best Practices
    Gavin Studner, Client Executive, Home Care Practice Group | Odell Studner, Acrisure Partner

    Home care agencies face significant insurance costs, the second-largest expense. In this session, we’ll tackle three crucial areas:

    • Coverages and risk management.
    • Understanding insurance market cycles for budgeting.
    • Preventing costly claims through safety procedures.

    These insights will help agencies assess and reduce overall risk and insurance expenses. This engaging session promises to make insurance discussions more exciting!

  • Latest Legal Developments Impacting the Home Care Industry
    Angelo Spinola, Home Health, Home Care and Hospice Chair | Polsinelli

    Join attorney Angelo Spinola to discover the latest legal trends impacting your home care agency and learn compliance strategies for a successful business. Explore the Biden administration’s influence, recent industry-specific employment lawsuits, and protective actions for agency owners. Stay for a Q&A session!

  • Unlocking Success: The Power of Funnel Management. Achieving Your Operational Goals by Taking Bites of the Elephant
    Jensen Jones, Owner/CEO | Homecare CEO Forum

    Join us for a session on funnel management’s role in achieving your operational goals. Explore its key principles and how it provides a structure for agency optimization. We’ll address data overload and demonstrate how funnel management can help organize and identify vital business metrics.

    Amidst the wealth of information at the 2023 HCAOA National Home Care Conference, these sessions are filled with opportunities! Furthermore, our team will be on-site at booth #414 to assist home care agencies in improving quality, streamlining operations, enhancing the workforce, and diversifying revenue streams.

    A Prime Networking Opportunity

    HCAOA offers a fantastic chance for attendees to connect with their peers. Networking is hailed as a fundamental perk of HCAOA membership. This conference will give you the opportunity to engage with influential decision-makers and convey your message to fellow conference participants.

Wrapping Up

Events like these undoubtedly propel the home care industry toward achieving its aim of providing top-notch non-medical care.

Don’t forget to save the conference dates in your calendar! Team up with us to explore exclusive opportunities and discover the most effective strategies and technological advancements to ensure the continued success of your business.

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