What is the 21st Century CURES Act, and how is it Related to EVV?


This Act was set along in 2016 and was made to basically ensure that all the Medicaid states with PCS and HHCS incorporate some form of EVV system. This further implies that those services engaging personal care and home health requiring at-home care providers to meet full compliance by federal law.

The Act correlates with EVV by further exploring its multitudinous facets as they relate to the technology that now powers modern healthcare. Simple as that. In essence, every modern legislative mandate is best successful when working in conjunction with the everyday tech progression that’s used in the medical world today.

To further add, thanks to the act, all states will now have to follow additional mandates in terms of how — and even if — they can create any policies made around the EVV. Many states have, thus far, already jumped on board the opportunity and made their own mandates and policies, some quite drastically —- in every possible way —- than others. 18 unique states have already worked to relate the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) into their plans, in accordance with the act, and these have included the likes of Washington, Missouri, New York, Iowa, Tennessee, New Mexico, and several others.

The act has also prevented potential EVV fraud. This is a major benefit against crime. The Medicaid Fraud Control Unit has worked tirelessly in this respect.

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