Matchmaking for Curing the Dilemma of Caregiver Skills and Care Needs

Matchmaking for Curing the Dilemma of Caregiver Skills and Care Needs

Think about it for a moment. We all look for compatibility with the one we want to spend our life with and make our choices based on interests, attitude, upbringing, values and more. If we can achieve this, it satiates our needs of living a happy and peaceful life.

When it comes to matchmaking – between a caregiver and a client – there are several attributes that must be considered to find and select the perfect soul mate…oops, home care mate (pun intended).

It should be obvious – you’re not trying to spark a romantic connection, but carefully and thoughtfully matching clients with well-suited caregivers will result in both client and caregiver satisfaction. Confusion in communication due to multiple caregivers for one person, inconsistent care quality, and language barriers are some of the prominent issues that cause dissatisfaction in clients and loss of compassion in caregivers. Just like in any relationship, be it friendship, love, or a care provider, everyone involved needs to click.

Thus, being into a home care business, you need something to take this matchmaking to another level of perfection.

This is where tech comes in. Technology can be the divine watchmaker.

For those looking for a partner in love or friendship, there are a number of mobile apps and dating portals that does the matchmaking job for them. For home care, technology has empowered home care providers in creating perfect pairings – just professional – a caring caregiver and a loving client.

The technology is not just to know which caregiver has an open schedule to fulfill a client’s needs. It has evolved to analyze the needs of both the client and the caregiver and putting the right two together.

Now, there is home care software that is integrated with intelligent algorithms in which clients can be matched with the best caregiver for their needs and vice versa. The software helps in managing clients as well as caregivers’ compatibility to do the matchmaking and coming out with the best possible matches for the home care needs and caregiver’s suitability. It also allows home care agencies to collect vital information, such as care needs, conditions, and personal care preferences of the clients, as well as caregiver’s experience, skills, education and other personality traits in order to make perfect matches.

There are caregivers who are trained or experienced in caring for special conditions and/or non-medical needs and will, therefore, make a better fit for clients with such needs.

For example, a client who loves cooking but, due to health issues, cannot use the stove or other kitchen appliances safely anymore. This can take a heavy toll on the client when one of their favorite activities seems to be beyond their reach. By matching that client with a caregiver who also enjoys cooking and can find ways to involve the client in cooking can help in bringing inner happiness to the client.

A good match can mean simply pairing a chatty client with a caregiver who also enjoys talking.

If you would like the right tech for doing the perfect matchmaking for you and make your client and caregiver matching process easier, let us help you.

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