fbpixel The Role of Mobile Technology in Home Care Industry

The Role of Mobile Technology And It’s Impact on Home Care

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    Over the past decade, the home and healthcare industry has undergone a profound transformation, largely attributed to the widespread adoption of mobile technology in digital care and telemedicine.

    In 2010, about 35% of hospitals in the United States had incorporated telemedicine features such as video conferencing, real-time remote monitoring, and wireless communications into their services.

    Fast-forward seven years, and the landscape has shifted significantly. 76% of the US care industry is embracing digitalization by integrating mobile technology and other advanced tools.

    This global trend of utilizing mobile devices to enhance senior care and streamline internal operations is steadily gaining momentum.

    In this whitepaper, you’ll be reading:

    • Home Care Industry’s Increasing Dependency on Mobile Technology
    • What is Mobile Care in the Senior Industry?
    • What Challenges Do Home Care Workers Face When Going Remote?
    • What’s the Reason Behind the Shift to Mobile Technology in Elderly Care?
    • How Does Mobile Technology Prove Advantageous in Senior Care?
    • CareSmartz360- an Ultimate Resource in the Palm of your Hand

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