The Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Deadline: January 2021

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    Deadline. Implementation. Delay. Current Status. Getting EVV Ready.

    All the states were required to implement EVV before January 1st, 2020. However, most of the states have been offered an exemption under ‘Good Faith Efforts Request’.

    The ‘Good Faith Effort Request’ offered a one-year extension in implementing EVV for the agencies delivering personal care/home care services in their respective states, and encountered unavoidable system delays.

    Now, the final deadline is January 1st, 2021. Let’s Get EVV Ready!

    Everything You Need to Know Before the Time Runs Out!

    • Why there is a Delay in EVV Implementation?
    • What are the State-wise EVV Rules?
    • How to Start your EVV Journey?
    • What does it take to Implement EVV before the Deadline?
    • How to Choose the Right EVV Vendor?

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