Strategies for Caregiver Retention in 2022

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    Caregiver recruitment and retention are the biggest issues that the home care industry is facing. Now more than ever, home care providers want to do all they can to keep their caregivers motivated, healthy, and happy on the job.

    It has been noticed, that caregiver employee turnover has been a major issue for a long. Supporting it with statistics and facts, it might get difficult for you to retain your staff, isn’t it? Moreover, baby boomers are turning 65 every day; which means the need for caregivers is growing with every passing day.

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    • What is caregiver churn?
    • How to mentor effectively your caregivers?
    • Consider how to treat your employees.
    • Know about top reasons why caregivers leave.
    • How to train your aides to meet with technology?
    • Why employee satisfaction surveys are important?

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