How COVID-19 Could Forever Change the Home Care Industry

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    The home care industry is globally affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and has led to sweeping changes in delivering care to seniors.

    Apart from its adverse effect on the community, a greater use of technology in personal care services could be one of the best things that arise out of the global pandemic.

    Many home care organizations are inching towards making a lot more services available during the tough times by utilizing the true potential of technology that allows seamless connectivity through devices and remote monitoring systems.

    Download the whitepaper to know how COVID-19 is shaping the entire home care industry and impacting the lives of individuals associated with the industry.

    • Learn about the challenges of home care agencies amid COVID-19
    • How caregivers are affected
    • How to recruit & retain caregivers
    • Positive impact on home care industry post-pandemic

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