Everything You Need to Know about Home Care Industry in 2023

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    The industry is changing rapidly due to the increasing need for home care services. One of the biggest drivers behind this rise is the global pandemic- COVID-19. The pandemic forced people to stay in their homes, changing how they perceived health care. Owing to the dangers posed by the virus, families preferred home care over clinical care because seniors experienced quality care in the comforts of their own homes. Gradually, home care became the new normal.

    Families chose in-home care services because they juggled between busy work schedules, household chores, managing kids, and caring for their elderly. Living alone became risky due to aging factors, falls & injuries, and common ailments. The spread of the virus and its life-threatening disease made health care in hospitals difficult, making home care a preferable option. It is safe to say that home care is the future of health in 2023 and beyond. Agencies are transitioning from health care to home care, especially post-pandemic.

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    • Why is the Home Care Industry Booming?
    • What Can Home Care Agencies Do to Keep Pace?

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