fbpixel New EVV Reports With Improved E-Claims workflow | Sep-19

New EVV Reports Along With Improvements in E-Claims workflow

In this release are the following changes:


Recurrence Options for Holidays

Agencies will now be able to set the recurrence while creating a holiday so that it’s not required to create same holiday every year in Office Settings.

Recurrence Options for Holidays

Adding Number to Medication Management

Agencies will now be able to add a number in the Medication Management section of the client assessment.

If the Medicine type is Capsule or Tablet, then agency can make use of Quantity field to enter the custom medication notes.

 Adding Number to Medication Management

Travel Time Minutes will be shown as Units

Currently, Under Office Settings, if the Travel Time is enabled in Office Settings, then in Payroll section while calculating the payroll, system used to show the mins under the Total Pay Units for the Travel Time e.g. If the caregiver traveled 15 Mins to go from Client A to Client B, system used to show 15 as Pay Units although the reimbursement configured in office settings > payroll is based on Hourly basis e.g. $2 Per Hour.

Travel Time Minutes will be shown as Units

In this update, if the caregiver traveled 15 Mins, system will show travel time units as .25 and considering the rate is $2 per hour, system will multiply .25 with $2 and $0.5 will be reimbursed to the caregiver.

override travel time caresmartz

Ability to pick username for the Caregiver Applicants

As part of the current version, when a caregiver applicant is hired and is converted to caregiver in the CareSmartz360 system, a username is automatically assigned to the caregiver. But now, agencies will have the option to enter the username before hiring them so that agency can assign a username to the caregiver per the agency’s format.

Ability to pick username for the Caregiver Applicants

Ability to delete Unidentified Calls from Time Tracking

Agencies will now be able to delete Unidentified Calls from the Time Tracking > Unidentified Calls view in case they do not want to track any unidentified calls from the past telephony records.

Ability to delete Unidentified Calls from Time Tracking

Updates in DMAS90 Client Signature workflow.

For agencies in VA, if the DMAS90 is turned ON in office settings, then the caregivers will not have to get the client signature for each shift. The system will only prompt the caregiver to get the client signature on the last shift of the week.

Authorization Rates Fetch update

Currently, when the authorization rates are configured in the client profile for a specific payer, the rates for the specific service being selected for the authorization are being pulled from the rates set in the Office Settings.

Now, CareSmartz360 system will have the capability to get custom rates configured from the client or the payer profile as well.

e.g. If the Companion service type is configured at $10 per hour in Office Settings, but the Payer only authorizes the service at $9 per hour, then at the time of authorization, the system will pull the custom rate from the payer profile as well if the rates are configured in Payer Profile > Rates Section.

New Report: Bill/Pay Rate Expiration Report**

A New Report has been introduced in the Scheduling section which will help agencies identify any bill/pay rates expiring in a certain date range.

Bill/Pay Rate Expiration Report

Who uploaded an updated the Key Documents

New columns have been implemented under the Key Documents section of client/caregiver profile to indicate who uploaded the document and when.

Who uploaded an updated the Key Documents

Deposit Type and Memo field additions and Deposit Receipt

At the time of receiving a deposit, two new data fields have been introduced which will help agencies capture more information regarding the deposit being received.
These new data elements are Payment Type and Memo.

Deposit Type and Memo field additions and Deposit Receipt

Payment Type drop down values can be managed from Admin Settings > Clients > DDM Client Management.

Payment Type drop down values

Additionally, agencies do not need to remember that they have to enter the value in a negative number to refund the deposit. Agencies can specify on the deposit screen whether they are receiving the deposit or refunding it, and the system will automatically handle the negative value on its own.

Also, after receiving the deposit, the agency user can generate and print a receipt for the deposit from the Account Register.

Account Register Caresmartz
Payment receipt caresmartz software

Email Logs

Similar to Global SMS Logs, there is a new section for Email Logs as well. All the emails which went out from the system can be located from this section as well as going into the individual profile and checking for the email Logs.

Email Logs
Time Tracking logs Caresmartz Software

Some new EVV Reports introduced.**

a. GPS Distance Exception Report

This report will specify how many incorrect attempts were made by a caregiver to clock in or out due to GPS distance exception enabled at office settings.

e.g, If at the Office Settings > Main, GPS distance exception is set at 100 Feet and if caregiver tries to clock in or out outside the 100 feet radius, then the system will log this incorrect attempt and show it under this report.

GPS Distance Exception Report

Agency user can click on the Caregiver Latitude/Longitude link to see the caregiver’s location on the Google Maps when he/she attempted this incorrect Clock-In or Out.

b. Call Listing Report.

This report will help the agency identify the missed clock-in and clock-out schedules and the schedules with clock-in and clock-out data with the mode of clock in/out.

Call Listing Report

c. Call Summary Report.

This report will show how many hours of a specific service type are aligned with the selected client for the specific date range.

Call Summary Report

d. Call Visit Summary Report.

This report will specify that how many hours were spent on the selected client for the specific service type and selected date range including number of visits for a specific day.

Call Visit Summary Report

Adjust is now Void.

On the finalized invoice section, if an invoice is created incorrectly, there is a function called adjust which basically reverses the invoice and opens the schedules billed in that invoice for billing again.

Many of the agency users reported that this feature was confusing as a similar function credit/adjustment is present on the same screen. Hence we have relabeled the Adjust function to “Void Invoice”, so that it’s clear to agency users that this function will be used to void the invoice and the schedules invoiced under the voided invoice will be available for billing again. After voiding the invoice, the invoice status will be voided.

Adjust is now Void

Family Feedback going out to selected agency user(s).

Agency users can now choose which users will be notified when the client/emergency contact leaves scheduling feedback from their respective client portal.

Users who need to be notified can be selected from Office Settings > Notifications

Family Feedback going out to selected agency user(s)

Caregiver Applicant Form Settings.

More controls have been introduced on Caregiver Applicant Form Settings.

Agencies can now control how many references and educational background values are required while applying.

Agencies can decide which attributes need to be listed on their agency caregiver applicant URL.

If agency has entered in multiple MISC questions, they can mandate how many answers are required to submit the application to the agency.

Caregiver Applicant Form Settings

These settings can be accessed from Admin Settings > Caregivers > Caregiver Applicant Form Settings.

New Report: Deleted Shift(s) Report.**

This report will specify which agency user deleted which client’s schedule when and what reason was provided while deleting the schedule.

 New Report: Deleted Shift(s) Report

Improvements in the E-Claims workflow.

Now, to ease the process of preparing for E-Claimes, we have removed from the client profile Face-sheet the requirement to indicate whether E-claims will be filed and which kind. Moving forward, the system will automatically detect whether the E-claims are required for the client or not, depending on the type of payer.

If the payer being associated with the client is of Medicaid or Insurance type, then the system will generate the 837 Professional Claim file and if the Payer Type is VA, then the system will generate the 837 Institutional Claim file. Additionally, system will be capable to generate the single E-claim file for the whole invoice batch.

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