Updates for Caregivers, Re-Assessment, People Search Box, and Telephony

In this release are the following changes:

< Caregivers

1. Sending ‘No Show Alert SMS’

Caregivers will get SMS alert as well as an Email if they have missed the Clock in.

Admin will go in “Main” Office Settings and will click on “Send No Show Alert to Caregiver”. This results in sending an email to the caregiver.

To send SMS as well, Admin will go to “Configuration” in “Office Settings” and will click on “No Show Alert- SMS Configuration”

Note: – To have a text message sent, the Admin MUST complete the second step

2. Log of the missing clock in E-mail

Agency Users will be able to see the log of Missing Clock-in emails sent to the respective caregiver. This log will be shown in ‘Email Log section’ in Caregiver’s profile along with the log of all other e-mails sent to a particular Caregiver.

Note: – Steps to get to the log are: Caregiver>Caregiver Profile>Task &Communications.
Missing Clock

3. Showing [U] in caregiver web portal

If Caregiver has created an unavailability time, s/he can see this in his/her calendar with the [U] icon, and that unavailability time would be indicated in brown.

4. Compliance Alert Email/SMS to caregiver

The system will now send Email and SMS Alert to a Caregiver 30 days before the expiration date of any compliance item (license or certification). Admin/ Agency Users having access to Office settings can Switch ON the service by clicking on “Send Email/SMS Notification to the caregiver(s) when their compliance expiration date is nearing”.

Compliance Alert Email
Configure SMS Services


Note:- To make sure the SMS goes out, it is important to configure SMS Services Under Admin Settings > Configuration Management > Configure SMS Services.

5. Updating multiple tasks in one step at the time of check out

The caregiver can select multiple (or all) tasks and update them in one step from the Web portal as well as from Android and iOS application

6. Preventing Telephony clock in/out outside of thresholds

Now, Caregivers are not allowed to clock in and clock out when they are out of threshold times. If Agency User have Switched ON ‘Do not allow Caregiver(s) to Clock-In/Clock-Out outside of threshold times’ in Office settings.

Time Tracking Schedule


1. Option to enter ‘n’ days/months in ‘Re-assessment After’

Agency User with rights to access ‘client section’ will be able to enter ‘n’ days or months in ‘Re-assessment After’ field.

Assessment Tasks

2. Adding Power of Attorney as Canada specific Term

Canadian Users can select Power of Attorney type from the drop-down having below options under the head of “Durable Power of Attorney”

i. Power of Attorney for Personal Care

ii. Power of Attorney for property (Continuing)

iii. Power of Attorney for property(non-continuing).

Power of Attorney

3. Rates: Remainder Payer

The client will now be configured as the Self- Pay ‘Remainder’ payer by default.

4. Client’s Emergency Contact’s phone number in the emergency contact section

In the emergency contact section of Client’s profile, Agency User can see Client’s emergency person’s contact number as one of the grid columns.

Note: – At the time of Adding Emergency Person’s contact number, it should be set as primary to show up under the head of Phone number in the Grid Column. Otherwise, rest of the details will be shown under respective heads except Phone number.

5. Previously scheduled shifts will reflect updated tasks if the assessment gets updated and completed

When an assessment is updated and completed to become a new care plan, the previously created schedules will reflect the updated information.


1. Search People’

A search bar will be given on the top of the Home Screen of Admin/ Agency User portal. Agency User can type the name of the person he wants to search. Clicking on the name will route the Agency User to the person’s profile section.

Admin Home Screen

2. Add Quick Schedule

A “Quick Schedule” link will be provided in the scheduling module on the left menu to facilitate adding schedules without having to go into the individual client or caregiver profiles.


Office Settings

1. Minimum radius- optional’

Setting minimum radius in office settings is now optional. The agency will determine whether minimum radius parameters will be required to allow clock-in/out. No minimum radius set means caregivers can clock in and clock out at any place as long as they are within the time grace settings.


1. Country-specific currency symbol

Currency symbols will reflect the country in which CareSmartz360 is being used.


1. Unidentified section- Call time = actual time of call

a. Scheduling>View>Select Unidentified calls: User will see the actual time without rounding.

b. Once the user links the call to the respective schedule, the time will automatically be Rounded or Rounded-Up, per the office settings

For Example: If a Caregiver was supposed to clock in between 9:45 am- 10:15 am(Considering 15 Mins is the threshold time). He/ She Clocked in at 10:16 am. The call will be termed as unidentified.

Previously, 10:15 am was the time which was shown in ‘Unidentified section’ due to the ‘Round’ setting in Office settings.

Now, the actual Clock in time of Caregiver i.e. 10:16 am will be shown in ‘Unidentified section’ section.

2. No schedule Overlapping in Calendar

Previously, Agency users saw Overlapped schedules in Calendar if the schedules are overnight. Now No overlapped schedules will be shown; one single schedule will be shown on the Starting date.

For Example: – If there is a schedule which will start at 5 pm on 23rd Oct’18 and will end at 3 am on 24th Oct’18, then the schedule will be shown on 23rd Oct’18 in the calendar.

Overlapping Schedule in Calendar

Overnight Schedule

3. Overtime Applicable in Schedule set by default

The Admin will use the office settings to indicate whether Overtime is applicable to Client Invoices or not. The “Overtime Applicable Client Invoice” checkbox in the schedule window will reflect the default from the office settings.

Overtime Applicable Client Invoice

4. Displaying respective tasks, while creating a schedule

At the time of creating a schedule, all tasks created on that date in Assessment will be auto displayed. Agency user can select the date and then respective tasks created for that date will be automatically shown.

For Example: – If in Assessment the five tasks have been set particularly for Sunday. Then if an Agency User will try making schedule say of 28th Oct’18 i.e. Sunday then the system will show those tasks while creating schedules as well.

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