fbpixel Updates regarding Time Tracking & Accounting Module | Oct-19

Updates regarding Time Tracking and Accounting Module

In this release are the following changes:


Agency users receiving SMS reply notifications for their assigned office only.

If the Agency User is assigned to Office 1 and any caregiver from office 2 sends an incoming SMS to the SMS Number allocated to the agency, then the office 1 user who is logged in will not be notified via the Bell Notification on top.

Overriding the clock-in and clock-out done by caregivers to actual if required.

Currently, if the agency opts to choose Round settings and if agency wants to manually input the clock-in at 9:53 AM, then the system rounds the clock-in time.

But from now, if the agency user input the clock-in or clock-out time to any time, system will not round the time and will consider the time entered as actual time.

Discharge Date in Care Plan

A new data field has been introduced in the client assessment and is labeled as Discharge Date.

New data field in caresmartz update

This data field can be used by agencies who have short term clients and can assign a discharge date in advance for better tracking.

Custom Time Tracking Threshold Settings

Now, agencies can define their own custom time tracking threshold parameters.

Time tracking threshold settings oct update

Under Office Settings > Main > Time Tracking Schedule Settings, the agency can select the “custom” option where they will be able to define custom time tracking threshold parameters for their caregivers to clock-in and out.

Ability to mark reports as Favorite report

Agency users can now mark an individual report as a favorite report, and there is an additional category of Favorite Reports which the agency user can access to locate their favorite report(s).

Mark as favorite in caresmartz update

The user can click on the star icon to mark the report as favorite report, and this report will be displayed in the Favorite Report category.

Click star icon as favorite in oct update

QuickBooks Online – Syncing of Other Staff users and their meeting time-sheet.

Agencies can now sync their Agency Users/Other Staff users with their QuickBooks Online employees and send their meeting time-sheets to QuickBooks Online as well.

Agencies which are integrated with CareSmartz360 using their QuickBooks Online account, will be able to locate a new section called “Staff Matching” under QuickBooks Integration Module where the staff members can be linked with the QuickBooks Employees list.

New section staff matching in quickbooks

After syncing the staff members, if the agency finalizes the payroll of staff members in CareSmartz360, the system will send those time-sheets to their QuickBooks Online account as well.

Update on Release Visit Plan Screen.

Now on the Release Visit Plan screen, before publishing the schedule, if the scheduler make some changes, e.g. change in time or caregiver and does not publish the schedules and leaves the page, the system will save those changes so that when the user comes back to the Release Visit Plan screen, he/she will see the changes made and can publish the schedules with those changes.

Ability to select multiple values in client assessment.

In the Client Assessment > Users will now be able to select multiple values in the following data fields:

a. Level of Impairment in Personal Care.
b. Mobility Ability in Personal Care.
c. Transfer Ability in Personal Care.
d. Emergency Preparedness Rating

Ability to Opt out from Needs Review status of schedules.

Currently, in the office settings, the agency can select the status of the schedule when caregiver clock-in and clock-out on time and mark the all tasks as completed.

But if the caregiver clocks-in and clocks-out on time, but does not mark all the tasks as completed, then the system changes the schedule status to Needs Review.

Moving forward, if an agency wants to opt out from the system changing the status to needs review status, they can do that from office settings.

In Office Settings > Main > Under Time Tracking Settings > There is a data field called “Checkout status – Needs Review * ” and the available values are Yes/No.

Data field in checkout status needs review

If agency opts for No, if a caregiver clocks-in on time and clocks-out on time, regardless of whether tasks are marked “complete” or not, the system will change the schedule status to the status selected in “Checkout Status” field (Approved/Time Tracking Confirmed).

Ability to send Deposits Item to QuickBooks Online

Agencies will now be able to receive deposits in CareSmartz360 and can sync those deposit line items with their QuickBooks Online account.

Agencies will be able to locate 2 new data fields under their QuickBooks Integration module where they will be able to select the QuickBooks Online Item name under which Deposit will be published and Account Type for your Deposit.

Send Deposits in quickbooks online update

If these settings are done, and the client profile is matched with the QuickBooks Online, at the time of receiving deposit in CareSmartz360, the system will automatically publish the deposit to the QuickBooks Online account.

If there are existing received deposits which are present in CareSmartz360 that have not been syncd to the QuickBooks Online account, the agency can go to account register and manually select those deposits to send to QuickBooks.

Option to manually select deposits quickbooks

Ability to check whether client portal credentials have been sent or not.

Agencies will now be able to easily detect from client landing screen whether the client portal credentials have been sent to the specific client or not.

Email Logs

Users can view this column from Select Grid Column option present on the client list screen.

Receive deposit payment via credit card or bank account.

Agencies will now be able to receive deposits in CareSmartz360 via Credit Card or Bank account as well as by check or cash.

Under Account Register > Payment Register by Client, the agency user can select the client and then from Receive/Refund Deposit section, the user can select Credit Card or Bank Account. The system will populate the credit card or bank account (depending on the selection) from the payer profile which is linked to the client.

Receive deposit payment via gateways

Please Note: This feature is only available for the agencies which are using Authorize.net or Transnational Payment Gateway.

Including travel time in Overtime calculations.

CareSmartz360 will now consider Travel Time done by the Caregivers as regular time and will be eligible for Overtime Calculations.

Opting for Travel Time calculation is optional for agencies. They can turn on/off this feature from Office Settings > Payroll > Travel Time section. If enabled, travel time calculations will be considered as the part of the overtime calculations as well.

Scheduled V/s Billed hours Report.

A new report has been introduced in CareSmartz360 which will show Scheduled v/s Billed Hours so that agencies can detect that whether they have missed any schedules for billing in a specific date range.

Check scheduled verses billed hours report

This report will be part of Scheduling Reporting category.

CareSmartz360 system is now integrated with following EVV Aggregators:

a. Sandata
b. HHA Exchange

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