fbpixel CareSmartz360 Rolls Out New Software Updates for November

November Product Release: Enhancements to Caregiver Mobile App and EVV Updates

Following are the changes in this release:

There will be an update to the Caregiver mobile app with this release via code push version 1.3. The current versions continue to be Caregiver Mobile App iOS & Android: Version 2.37 and Agency Mobile App iOS & Android: Version 2.6 (No update to the Agency app with this release)
The minimum operating system requirements are “Lollipop” for Android and v11.0 for Apple devices.**

Paychex Labour Assignment

The agency users will now be able to push the cost center information as part of the payroll data in Paychex. A new field “Paychex Labor Assignment” has been added to the Client’s as well as the Caregiver’s profile. The visibility of this field is dependent on the Paychex office settings. If the Caregiver had training and meetings that are not associated with a client, the cost center in the payroll would be the caregiver’s cost center otherwise it will default to the client’s cost center.

CareSmartz360 Payroll Updates

Ability to Show/hide office name on the Invoice PDF

User(s) will have the ability to manage the office name visibility on Invoice PDF from office settings → Billing tab → Include setting section, where if enabled Office name will be shown on the Invoice PDF & if disabled then Office name will not be shown on the Invoice PDF.

This setting will also be applicable from the payer section as well.

CareSmartz360 Payers Update

CareSmartz360 Invoice Update

Ad Hoc Schedules – Show Authorized Hour Count & Remaining hours

While creating the ad hoc schedule from the caregiver app, caregivers will be able to see the Authorized hours & the remaining hours after service type selection so that he/she is aware in case they exceed the authorization in case of the ad hoc schedule.

CareSmartz360 Ad Hoc Scheduling Update

Showcasing the Authorization hours will be managed from Role management for mobile app permissions if the agency wishes to show the same to the caregivers or not.

CareSmartz360 Ad Hoc Schedules Update

Add placeholders to Email Template – Consumer Lead – Manual – Agency Template

The following placeholders have been added to the email templates for Consumer Lead – Manual – Agency Template for the users to use if they wish to use.

  • Inquiry Date: $InquiryDate$
  • Caller First Name: $CallerFirstName$
  • Caller Last Name: $CallerLastName$
  • Referral Source: $ReferralSourceName$

CareSmartz360 Caregiver Mobile App Updates

CareSmartz360 Caregiver App Updates

DMAS – 99 Form

Users will be able to generate an Editable PDF – DMAS 99 form from our system under the clients -> Other forms tab.

On click of +new form dropdown, the user can select DMAS99 form. Upon selection, the custom form will open where in form will open for the user to fill in the details & only specific field data will populate that are present in the system. However, other field-level data shall be empty for the user to enter the same.

Once the form is filled, the user can then click on the download section for the PDF to open in a new tab as Editable PDF in the state-defined format.

CareSmartz360 Caregiver App Custom Form Updates

CareSmartz360 Caregiver App Update

On clicking of Summary Button, the user will be able to view the form in Renderer to preview & in case they wish to download the form as editable then they should be able to do the same or they can resume by opening the custom form & make necessary edits.

Also, on click of finish later, the user will be able to close this pop-up & come back later to finish & download the form.

Updates in CareSmartz360 Caregiver Custom Form

On click of Download, the DMAS 99 will open in a new tab as an editable form for the user to enter the details & then save as per their preferences.

Updates in CareSmartz360 Caregiver Custom Form

EVV Updates

HHAeXchange Updates

HHAeXchange – AL Update || Billing Segment Removed

In the State of Alabama, the Billing segment details are no longer required. The following fields & their data are no longer to be sent

CareSmartz360 Electronic Visit Verification Updates

CareSmartz360 Electronic Visit Verification Update

Sandata Updates

Client payer combination – Ability to show payer programs from other associated payers as well & not just Primary

With this release, the system will pick the payer programs from the client authorization from any level other than primary itself.

Earlier, payer programs were applicable only from the primary client – payer level. However, with this change, payer programs if added at secondary or tertiary or lower levels along with client authorization will be picked up at the time of schedule creation or updating the same.

In case only 1 client – payer has the details, the primary payer program will be selected. However, In case other client payer combination also has payer programs, all will be shown in the list with none selected as primary & the user will have to select the same at the time of creating or updating the schedule.

Sandata Colorado – GPS location exception in case of clock-in or out register other than client’s primary phone

As per the updates from Sandata in the state of Colorado, GPS location exceptions will be applicable when clock-in or clock-out or both are performed other than the client’s primary phone number.

Please note that Client’s phone number in Sandata portal & CareSmartz360 needs to be same. In case they are different, GPS location exceptions will get triggered.

TELLUS Updates

Sending Revenue Codes in TELLUS Data Post for visits where applicable.

Revenue codes will be sent over in the TELLUS data post for each visit wherever it is applicable as they have become required in claim processing at TELLUS’s end.

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