Enhanced Scheduling Calendar, Caregiver Assessment, Invoices, and EVV Updates

Following are the changes in this release:

There is no update to the Agency mobile app. However, the caregiver app will be updated on newer version v2.22 with some improvements and bug fixes. It will be available on both app stores. The minimum operating system requirements are “Lollipop” for Android and v11.0 for Apple devices.

Ability to print Weekly and Daily Schedules from Calendars

Previously, on the Caregiver and Client Calendar, it was only possible to print Monthly Calendars. Now, you will also be able to print Weekly and Daily Calendars based on the views you have selected on the screen.

Homecare Client Portal Forms Updates
Home Care Client Portal Forms Updates

Ability to Convert a Prospect to Client from all tabs on the Prospective Client page.

Previously, the button to convert a Prospect to a Client was only available on the Client tab of the Prospective Client Profile page. Now, you can perform this action from any tab of the Prospective Client Profile page.

Home Care Client Portal Forms Updates

Ability to Search and View Finalized Invoices Altogether, Regardless of the Batch ID.

Previously, to view a finalized invoice, you were required to select a batch. Now, with the improvement on the filters options, you can directly view any invoices falling in a particular date range. The title of this is now changed to ‘View Finalized Invoices’. Updated filters include Date Range, Invoice Status, Client, and Payer.

From the page results, there is still an option to navigate to a particular batch to view all the invoices within that batch. This option will still be very useful to users who work with batches.

Display Variance Report In Home Care Client Portal
Display Variance Report In Home Care Client Portal

The ‘Primary Caregiver’ field in Assessment is Now Optional.

A few months ago, for the state of Texas, a new field ‘Primary Caregiver’ was added to the Assessment as a required field. Now, that field is made optional, so it can be filled depending upon the requirement.

Ability to Send ‘Other Forms’ for ‘Signature’.

Signature functionality is now extended to the ‘Other Forms’ in a Client Profile, Caregiver Profile, and Caregiver Applicant Profile. You can now send ‘Other Forms’ for a signature as well. Otherwise, the usage remains the same as in the Assessment forms.

Display Variance Report In Home Care Client Portal

EVV Updates

1) Sandata Updates

1. Updates in the submission files have been for 5 different states below:

a. Washington

b. Vermont

c. North Carolina

d. Missouri

e. Hawaii

2) Introducing Payer Programs required for EVV check on the Schedule level as well.

a. In continuation to the feature released in the last sprint, “Payer Programs required for EVV” checkbox will now be available at schedule level as well.

b. With this, now the hierarchy will be maintained where the highest preference will be given to Schedule level checkbox if that is enabled or not.

c. By Default, the check( Enabled or disabled) will be picked up from the Client -Payer → Rates tab.

Carebridge EVV Aggregator Updates

Carebridge EVV Aggregator Updates

HHAX Updates

The following updates have been made for HHAeXchange

1) The system will not send Rates in the CSV export file in the state of Pennsylvania for the following payers as they are not required by them.

1. UPMC ( Payer ID – 14475)
2. Centene PA Health Wellness ( Payer ID – 16999)
3. AmeriHealth Caritas of PA ( Payer ID – 17470)
4. Keystone First CHC ( Payer ID – 20154)

2) Including a Payer filter on the HHAX Data Post Report

1. You now have the ability to filter for a payer on the HHAX data post screen.

Sandata EVV Configuration Screen Updates

3) Coming May 23, 2022, For overnight shifts, HHAX will only accept the data in the below format for each visit. This change is only on the export & posting level. However, at the system level, the calculations will be calculated as previously.

The following fields below should split at midnight if the visit crosses multiple calendar days: Schedule Start/End Time, Visit Start/End Time, and EVV Start/End Time.

Sample overnight shift from 1/1/21 11pm to 1/2/21 7am:

1. Visit 1: 1/1/2021; 11pm – 11:59pm

a. Schedule Start: 23:01

b. Schedule End: 23:59

c. Visit Start: 23:01

d. Visit End: 23:59

e. EVV Start: 23:01

f. EVV End: 23:59

2. Visit 2: 1/2/2021; 12:01am – 7am

a. Schedule Start: 00:01

b. Schedule End: 06:58

c. Visit Start: 00:01

d. Visit End: 06:58

e. EVV Start: 00:01

f. EVV End: 06:58

4) Ability to Add multiple NPI ID’s under the EVV Configuration Screen

1. With this release, CareSmartz360 will allow you to enter multiple NPI numbers under the EVV configuration screen for different services types.

2. At least one NPI number is required, but option to add multiple will be present.

3. You will also be given the ability to select the NPI number at the time of posting.

Sandata EVV Configuration Screen Updates


1) Mark Visits as Missed

1. You can now mark future visits as missed. Once the visit is marked as Missed, the TELLUS status will be changed to UNBL and it will be ready to be posted to TELLUS.

2. Upon marking the visit as Missed, the system will prompt you to enter the Missed Visit Reason Code and the action taken along with the description column to enter notes.

3. Once the details are entered, the reason codes will be copied to all schedules that were selected.

4. Note** – Since the missed visit reason codes will be different on a Payer-by-Payer basis, and if two payers are selected at the same time, the system will alert you to select one payer at a time and enter the reason codes.

Sandata EVV Configuration Screen Updates

Sandata EVV Configuration Screen Updates

CareBridge Updates

1) Pre-billing Enabled

1. With this release, pre-billing will be enabled for CareBridge. The system will prompt for mandatory fields if left blank at the time of posting.

2. Optional fields will be prompted with the option to ignore and still post.

Sandata EVV Configuration Screen Updates

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