Updates related to Reports and Caregivers

In this release are the following changes:

Prospective Clients

1. After converting the prospective client, agency users can still review the prospective client profile which was converted. This will allow them to see any notes in the prospective client profile that did not copy over in the conversion. Once the client has been converted, the data in the prospective client profile will become read-only.

Prospective Clients

2. Prospective Client Status will be available as part of the landing screen, and the user will have the option to view/hide the value from select grid column feature.


3. If a client has an Authorization, the agency will have the ability to hide the authorization strip from the client calendar. Hiding the strip does not mean that the authorization is deactivated or disabled. It is only showing/hiding the authorization related data from the client’s calendar.

Client Details

4. Agency users will now have the ability to email the client/caregiver calendar from the calendar schedule. Users will navigate to the client/caregiver calendar and then click on the email button to send the email to the client’s registered email address. After clicking on the email button, an email composer window will be opened which will have the client’s email address auto-filled and the client’s monthly calendar as an attachment. Agency users can also include specific email addresses and send the email.

Client Schedule
Email Composition

5. Agency users can review the client/caregiver address and primary phone number from the scheduling window.


6. On the Client’s Care Plan, agency users can see all the phone number(s) of the emergency contact(s), not just the primary phone number.


7. The agency’s logo will be part of the care plan.



8. We have created a new report: “Client Authorization Expiration” under Reports > Clients which will show the client’s authorization(s) expiration dates based on a specific date range selected by the agency user.

Monthly Comparison Report

9. The Caregiver roster report under Reports > Caregivers is now updated to include the email address of the caregiver.

Caregiver Roster

10. The Monthly Comparison report under Reports > Accounting is now updated with the Call Type filter.



11. When a caregiver applicant applies through the web, the system will send a thank you note to the caregiver applicant. This welcome note can be customized per the agency’s requirements from the Email Templates section under Admin Settings.

Thank You

12. When a caregiver applicant applies through the web, the email notification sent to the agency that a new caregiver application is received will contain an attachment which will have all the data added by applicant, and the same file will be stored in the Caregiver Applicant > Key Documents section so that agency can refer this file to review the data.

Caregiver Application

13. When a caregiver applicant is converted to caregiver, the system will send an email notification to the selected agency user(s) under Office Settings > Notification that there is a new hire. Agencies can opt for receiving an SMS as well as the email notification.

Caregiver Hired Notification

14. When a caregiver reports an injury during a shift, the system will send an email notification to the selected agency user(s) that the caregiver suffered an injury during the shift. User(s) who are supposed to get this notification can be selected under Office Settings > Notifications.

Injury Details

15. While terminating/deactivating the caregiver, the system will no longer convert past shifts to Open Shift(s). Only future shift(s) will be updated to open shift(s).

Separation Reason

e.g. If a caregiver status is changed to terminated at 10:00 AM then all the schedules after 10 AM for that caregiver will be converted to open shifts, and the system will provide an Excel export of the schedules being converted to open shifts, so that the agency can reassign those schedules.

16. Agencies can now add overnight availability/unavailability for their caregivers. Caregivers can also enter their overnight availability from the web portal. Smartphone applications will be updated with this feature in the future.

Caregiver Availability

Agency Users

17. Agencies which have opted for the Authorize.Net payment gateway integration can now include the CVV details while submitting the payer’s credit card into the system.

Payment Gateway

18. Agencies can now reply to new incoming messages right from the Dashboard > SMS Logs widget. Also, we have introduced a new feature to show incoming SMS’s read/unread state so that the users can easily identify which SMS they have read and which not, so that they can take the required action.


19. The Compliance widget will now show the status of any expired compliance. e.g. If a compliance is already expired, the system will show that the compliance is overdue by how many days.


20. The Notifications block, which earlier was part of the Office Settings > Main, is now an individual section under Office Settings and can be located from Office Settings > Notification


QuickBooks Desktop/Online

21. Agencies using QuickBooks Desktop/Online can now sync the Call Type in CareSmartz360 with the QuickBooks items so that individual Call Type can be mapped with its QuickBooks items and data is migrated into the correct categories in the QuickBooks software.

We have introduced a new section in QuickBooks Integration module named “Call Type Matching” where this mapping can be done.

Qucikbooks Integration

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