Scheduling Calendar & Billing Experience Enhancements, EVV & Agency App Updates

Following are the changes in this release:

There is no update to the caregiver mobile app with this release. There will be an update to the agency app on March 16, 2022. It is not a mandatory update and can be done at your convenience. The version, however, will be updated to V1.6 for Android & iOS users. The minimum operating system requirements are “Lollipop” for Android and v10.0 for Apple devices.

Adding a Prospective Client into CareSmartz360

Previously, there were many required fields in the Prospective Client creation form. Now, only a handful of fields will be required, while all other fields are optional whether the Caller is ‘Self’ or ‘Other.’ For ease of access, some fields will now be prefilled, and the less useful fields have been removed. Highlights include:

1. Inquiry Date: Pre-filled based on the current date with an option to change.

2. Assessment Type: Set to ‘Online’ by default.

3. Timestamp: Removed from the profile, but visible on the listing screen.

4. Territory: Required only when converting a Prospect into a Client (if you a Territory to clients).

5. Admission Type: Removed completely.

Persist Tasks and Communication Logs while Converting Prospect to Client

Previously, any Tasks and Communication Logs for a Prospective Client were not copied over when converting them into a Client. Now, when converting a Prospective Client into a Client, all the Tasks and Communication Logs will be transferred to the Client’s profile.

Ability to search Service Type in the Schedule window

Previously, in the Schedule creation/edit window, it was not possible to keyword search for Service Types. Now you will have the ability to search through the Service Types available in the system, from the Schedule creation/edit window.

Caregiver's or Client’s name to view their number and profile link

Change View Date using a Date picker on Calendars

Previously, it was only possible to change the date by week or day on a Calendar view. Now, you can navigate between dates by using a date picker, which allows you to easily navigate between months and years and then pick a specific date. This change is available on the following screens: Client Calendar, Caregiver Calendar, Schedule Calendar, Open Shift Calendar, and Other Staff Calendar.

Change date by using a date picker on homecare Calender

Search and Process Billing Data in the Background

Until now, you’ve had to wait (depending on the number of schedules) on the billing screen for the results to be calculated and displayed. Now, this process is updated allowing you to decide whether to wait for the results (for fewer schedules) or opt to be notified later when the results are ready. This new action allows you to work on other things while the system is preparing the billing data. The flow will be as follows –

1. Create an invoice batch.

2. Select your filters and click on Search. A pop-up will display with the two options ‘Stay Here’ and ‘Notify me Later.’

3. ‘Stay Here’ – This action will close the pop-up and keep you on the billing screen. Results will be retrieved and displayed as they have previously.

4. ‘Notify me Later’ – This action will redirect you to the Dashboard allowing you to perform other tasks while the billing calculations are done behind the scenes.

5. If you select ‘Notify me Later,’ the system will notify you when the result/batch is ready, independent of which screen you are viewing.

6. The Billing Notification will contain the following options –

a. Dismiss – This action will close the notification and mark the notification message as ‘read’ under the notification icon.

b. Snooze – this action will close the notification and mark the notification as ‘unread’ under the notification icon.

c. Review Now – this action will close the notification, mark the notification as ‘read’ under the notification icon and navigate you to the batch details.

7. If you log out before the process is completed, the notification will be shown when you next come online.

8. The batch calculated in the background will be saved as a Drafted batch with saved filters and schedule data.

8. Also, when you click to Finalize a batch, the system will show an alert: “This batch was drafted on MM/DD/YYYY at HH:MM AM/PM. Do you want to finalize it?” This datestamp and timestamp will help you determine whether that batch may have been calculated in the past prior to making changes. In this case, you would update your filters and click ‘Search’ again to repeat the whole process.

Update in home care billing software window
Update in home care billing software batch review
Saved as drafted batch in home care billing software window
finalize batch alert in home care billing software window

Agency App Updates

With this app release, you will be able to use the Chat feature from within the agency app to message CareSmartz360 Support and/or access the Help Center.

New Chat feature in home care agency app

EVV Updates

Pre-billing Validations on the Sandata Data Post

The system will now perform pre-billing validations at the time of posting data to Sandata in order to mitigate rejections coming at a later stage from the Sandata.

Home care EVV aggregator sandata pre-billing validation

Pre-billing Validations on the Authenticare Data Post

The system will now perform pre-billing validations at the time of posting data to Authenticare in order to mitigate the rejections coming at a later stage from the Authenticare.

Homecare Pre-billing Validations on the Authenticare Data Post

TELLUS Updates

We have the following updates coming for TELUS posting in terms of the data being mapped in the rendered services file:

1. Missed Visits

a. In the event of a Missed Visit, the following fields become mandatory:

1. Missed Visit Reason

2. Missed Visit Action Taken

3. Missed Visit Reason Note

4. Missed Visit Action Taken Note

Home Care software TellUS Update

2. Sending Invoice Start & End Date time along with Invoice Units and Amount

a. The vendor integration includes all four (4) values: Invoice Start Date/Time, Invoice End Date/Time, Invoice Units, and Invoice Amount

When all four (4) of these values are included for the visit, Netsmart (Tellus) will use the Invoice Start Date/Time and Invoice End Date/Time to calculate the Invoice Units and Invoice Amount. Therefore, the values passed in these two fields (Units/Amount) will be ignored. This does not require a change in the integration, but it is important that Providers understand that those values, if passed, will not be utilized when the claim is created.

3. Sending IVR (Telephony) Information for Visits that were Attempted via IVR

a. In the event that a Caregiver clocks in/out via Telephony (IVR), the corresponding data will be sent as part of the EVV files.

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