HHA Integration in Minnesota, Easy Scheduling, Efficient Time Tracking, and EVV Updates.

Following are the changes in this release:

Add client’s height to their profile.

You can now enter a client’s height under the Client Profile > Main section. The height information should be in inches. For now, the captured information is only displayed under their profile.

Homecare Client Profile - June Update

Add breaks while creating a schedule.

You can now add breaks via the schedule creation window. Earlier this was only possible in the edit schedule mode. This makes it easy to add break info when they are pre-planned.

Home Care Scheduling Software

Edit the Notes in the Schedule Notes window.

You can now edit Caregiver Notes from the ‘Notes’ section on the Schedule window. This action can also be performed from the Care Alerts widget on the Dashboard, Notes section, and Care History section on the Schedule Window.

Scheduling Software For Homecare
Home Care Agency Scheduling Software

Apply filters on the Time Tracking Views altogether.

On the Time Tracking view, every filter was used to reload the page and reflect data which was time-consuming. Now, the filters can be updated, and clicking on ‘Search’ will reload the page once and apply filters altogether. This will save you time.

EVV Time Tracking Views

View Meetings under the Time Tracking ‘Meeting’ view even after Payroll is complete.

Once payroll is finalized, meetings will now be visible under the ‘Meetings’ view within the time tracking section.

Also, an identifier [P] with Meeting Start Date/Time will be displayed, so that you can identify that the meeting’s payroll has been finalized.

Electronic Visit Verification Solution

View Canceled Schedules altogether.

A new ‘Canceled’ view is added to the Time Tracking Views that will show all the schedules with the statuses Canceled by Client, Canceled by Caregiver, Caregiver No Show, and Unapproved.

EVV New Canceled View Time Tracking

Configure Running Late notifications for Clock-Outs.

Previously, the system only alerted you if a caregiver is running late for clock-in. Now, this can be configured separately for Running Late Notifications for Clock-In and Clock-Out under the ‘Notifications’ tab of Office Settings. Also, under the ‘Configure SMS Service’ individual triggers can be configured for Running Late Notification for Clock-In and Clock-Out.

EVV Software Solution
Electronic Visit Verification Software
Electronic Visit Verification Software System

Ability to view Notes on hover on Client Calendar.

The client’s schedule calendar on the Agency portal had some issues regarding moving schedules with Notes. So now, we have added an icon (i) on the schedule with Notes. On hover, the Notes can be viewed. With this, the issue is also resolved.

Home Care Agency Scheduling Software

EVV Updates

TELLUS Updates

Bulk update reason codes on the TELLUS Data post screen

You can now update reason codes in bulk from the TELLUS data post screen itself. Use the 3 dots on the right-hand side, next to ‘Search’ to find the Bulk Update option.

Electronic Visit Verification Data Post Updates
TellUS EVV Aggregator Reason Code Updates

Bulk update missed visit reason codes on the Missed Visit View.

You can now add missed visit reason codes in bulk after making the required selection on the missed visit view.

Minnesota Electronic Visit verification
EVV Mandates Minnesota

Introducing a new column for missed visit codes on the TELLUS data post screen.

Now you will see a new column for missed visit reason codes in case any visit that is labeled as missed does not have a reason code. A quick way to check if all the required data is available before posting.

EVV Implementation Minnesota

Time of split for overnight visits.

From now, if an overnight visit is split, the end time of the first visit will be 23:59 PM & the start time for the next visit will be 00:00 AM while sending the data to TELLUS.

HHAeXchange Updates

Ability to generate the HHAeXchange billed visit import report as adjusted if required.

Users will have the ability to generate reports for adjusted or void visits in case the visit was posted to HHA already & there is a rejection from the payer. At the time of Export, the system will ask if you would like to generate an Original, Adjusted, or Void submission. In case of an Adjustment or Void, the system will ask you to enter the TRN number (which is provided by the payer). In case no TRN is available, you can leave it blank & save the setting to export the file as Adjusted or Void based on the selection done for those visits.

EVV Billed Visit Import Report Update
HHAeXchange billed visit import report

Introducing the pre-billing validation for states with HHAeXchange – API integration only at the time of posting.

For the states of New Jersey, West Virginia & Alabama, pre-billing validations have been enabled for all the required fields at the time of posting.

Integration with HHAeXchange in the state of Minnesota.

Caresmartz360 is now integrated with HHAeXchange in the state of Minnesota for the following payers:

Electronic Visit Verification Partner Minnesota

Integration with HHAeXchange in the state of Hawaii for the payer – WellCare Hawaii

Caresmartz360 is now integrated with HHAeXchange in the state of Hawaii for the following payer:

HHA in The State of Hawaii For Payer

Updating the HHAeXchange Missed Visit Import report as per version 5 (V5) specifications.

From now on, the HHAeXchange Missed Visit Import report is up to date per new release notes.

** Please note that with this release onwards, the V5 interface will be mandatory and hence only 2 reports will be visible while the rest will be disabled.

1. HHA Billed Visit Import report V5

2. HHA Missed Visit Import report V5

Sandata updates

Sandata Security Update: TLS Protocols

We have performed security updates on the back-end per new Sandata requirements.

General Improvements

Visit Status filter on data post screens for Sandata, HHA & eMedNY.

You can now filter via visit status the EVV report for the following aggregators:

1. Sandata
2. HHA
3. eMedNY
Statewise EVV Software Solution
HHA Exchange Data EVV Aggregator Updates

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