Client Shift Approval, Accounting, Increased Notes Field Size, Report Changes

In this release are the following changes:

Client Changes

1. Client Can Approve Shifts

Clients will be given the options to approve a shift from: Client portal> Schedule Calendar> Clicking on Schedule> Visit Information tab. For quick access, clients can see a widget “Shift Approval” so that shifts can be approved with minimum clicks. Once the shift is approved by the client, the status will be changed to ‘Approved ‘ in the Time Tracking Views. Agency Users will be able to override the approval any time prior to invoicing and payroll completion.

Visit Information
Shift Approval

Agency users will need to activate this option in the Office settings on the Main Tab. At that time, the agency user will be able to select the user(s): Client, Emergency Contact, Payer, or all three who are able to approve the shift depending on the agency’s requirement.

Activating Client Option

Note: – “Select time “Tracking Confirmed” in office settings to allow approval to be done by the client. If Approved is selected in the office setting as check out status, the status of the schedule will change to Approved whenever the caregiver has clocked in/out within the threshold, regardless of the client’s approval or not.

Time Tracking Confirmed

Accounting Changes

2. New Column Choice in Invoice Batch

A new column of “Total hours”billed has been added on each invoice row of a client. This way, agency users can scan over all the invoices billed for accuracy.


3. Invoice Appearance Options

In office Settings> Billing tab, agency users can see two new options to include or not to include on Invoice stub: To see “Pay by Credit Card on file. Four digits ending in…………” and “Make Check Payable to: ##Address” on the stub of the Invoice, click the appropriate box(es). Clicking on both will show both on Stub of Invoice.

Note: By default, these checkboxes will be checked. Agency can check off these boxes to remove the items from the Invoice Stub.

Invoice Appearance

Agency User Changes

4. Agency User adding notes to the schedule

Agency Users will be able to add notes in any schedule. Once the note is created it will be shown in Caregiver notes section and “Created By” will show- Agency Username. Any note added by Admin/Agency user will be directly PUBLISHED.

Note: Both on Agency User portal and Client’s portal> Care History – Log will be shown with the name of Agency User only.

Caregiver Notes
Schedule Notes

5. Ability to Override Holiday Pay

If an Agency wants not to bill extra for holiday pay for some specific clients, the agency can override holiday pay in the Rates section of the client profile. The user will click on the checkbox to exempt the client from Holiday billing.


Note:– Even if the Client is exempted from Holiday Pay, schedules will be split because caregivers will be paid based on Split schedules or based on Holiday multiplier.

6. New Dashboard Widget – Birthdays/Anniversaries

A new widget has been created wherein users can see birthdays of Clients, Caregivers, and Other staff and Hire anniversaries of Caregivers for the next 30 days. A report of the same information is created in the Report Section> Client> Client Birthday report. Clicking on “View More” will also route the user to report.

Note:– Permission will need to be granted in the admin settings before ANY user can see this widget.


7. Location of Client in Scheduled Appointment

Agency users will be able to see the details of Caregivers along with the location of the Client the caregiver is supposed to reach. These details will be shown by clicking on the schedules on Schedule Calendar.


8. Range Filter to Email Log

A new filter is given in Email Log of all entities: Caregiver, Client, Payer, Prospective Client, Prospective Caregiver, Other Staff and all entities in Address Book.


9. Communication Category

Agency users will be able to manage “Communication Category” Drop-down from the Admin settings. Users need to go in Admin settings> Client> DDM Client> Communication Category to add or delete categories.


Data from Communication Category drop-down in admin will be shown in “Category” drop-down at the time of adding New Communication.


10. Associated party Improvements

Agency users will be able to select all entities from the drop down of “Associated party” when a New Task is created from any of the Client, Payer, Caregiver, Prospective Caregiver, other staff ‘s profile and from Address Book.

Note:– Owner will not be notified via email notification. If owner is in the Associated Party list, then email notification will also be sent to the Owner.

For more details regarding the improvement in the workflow, please review following Help Article:


Associated Party Improvements

11. Increased Character Limit of “Notes” Field

The character limit of the “Notes” field has increased to 8000 characters in all entities: Client, Caregiver, Payers, Prospective Client, Prospective Client, Caregiver Applicant, Other Staff and specified entities in Address Book.

Notes character limit

Caregiver Changes

12. Notifying Caregiver on Care-plan Updated

Caregivers will be notified by SMS and/or Email when client assessment is completed by the Agency.

Note:– 1. Agency user will have to select the settings in Office/Admin settings.


2. Caregivers will receive email only for the assessments created/completed after turning the care plan update feature on.
3. If SMS Service is turned ON, then on assessment completion > caregiver will be notified via the SMS as well.


13. Ethnicity Drop-down

A new field of “Ethnicity” is been added in Caregiver Profile. This drop-down is manageable from Admin Settings> Caregiver> DDM Caregiver> select Ethnicity. This field, like the one in the Client Profile, is not mandatory and may be left blank if an agency doesn’t use this information.


14. Text to Speech engine improvements

Text to speech engine has been improved. Now, all the tasks entered by agency will be more clear and audible to the Caregiver via IVR.

Report Changes

15. Client type filter in Accounting Report

A new filter of “Client Type” is been added in the following reports in the Accounting Report section:

1. Archived Payment Summary

2. Batch History

3. Client Statement

4. End of Year invoice Report

5. Invoice Adjustment by Date

6. Invoice Listing

7. Invoice Summary by Invoice Date

8. Invoice Summary by Referral Source

9. Payment Summary

10. Payment Summary Details reports


16. Active and Inactive Caregivers in Caregiver Filter

Report “Client, Caregiver Schedules and rates by Date Range” under scheduling category has been updated with Client and Caregiver status filter and the results have been grouped by the client so that the agency won’t have to do the manual effort to total the hours within a specific date range.

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