Ability to Switch Payer Ranks, Payments Syncing, & Browser Compatibility

Following are the changes in this release:

Ability to switch Payer Ranks more easily in Client Profile.

Agencies will now be able to switch payer ranks more easily with just drag and drop. If there is a Primary and Secondary Payer for a Client and agency wants to make Primary payer as Secondary Payer then user will just have to click on the three horizontal row icon on the primary payer and drag the primary payer to secondary payer row position and release the mouse click and their ranks will be changed.

Ability to switch Payer Ranks

Ability to edit the Bill Info/Pay Info section of expense based on schedule invoice/payroll status

Currently in CareSmartz360 system, if an agency finalizes either the invoice or the payroll of the schedule, then the system locks the whole expense information present in schedule.

Moving forward, if there is a schedule with expense information and only invoice is created, but payroll is not finalized for that schedule, agency users will be able to edit the Pay Info section of expense i.e. Pay Units or Pay Rate to make any updates before finalizing the payroll. Same case will be applied when payroll is finalized first but invoice is not yet created.

Update Expense

ICD-10 and Institutional Claim codes will not be part of client assessments anymore.

After getting feedback from many of our agencies, ICD-10 and Institutional Claims codes, which are currently part of client assessments, will now be placed separately in a new Tab in Client profile.

Agencies do not have to update and complete the assessment again if there is any change in the ICD-10 codes or institutional claim codes.

 ICD-10 and Institutional Claim codes

Agencies can update these codes anytime, and schedules created after the add/update operation in the ICD-10 codes section will have updated codes in them.

When this feature goes LIVE, for every client’s last completed assessment ICD/Institutional claim codes will be copied from assessment to this new section.

Syncing of payments done on Parent Client profiles in QuickBooks Online is now available.

For the Agencies receiving payments on the parent clients in QuickBooks Online were not syncing back to CareSmartz360 system but now this feature has been enabled as well.

Payments done on the parent client which is eventually adjusted on child invoices automatically in QuickBooks Online can be sync’d back in CareSmartz360.

Browser Compatibility – Safari (Mac)

Following sections in CareSmartz360 are Safari (Mac) compatible:







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