HHA Exchange Report, Smartphone App & Caregiver Portal Updates

Following are the changes in this release:

NOTE: Not all features are immediately available to all agency users. You should always go to Admin Settings and update the permissions for your agency users at the time of a new feature release if required for that feature.

1. Add a break or rest period via the Smartphone App & Caregiver Portal

You will soon have the ability to offer Caregivers a way to record break time or rest periods via the smart phone app & caregiver portal.

1. Enable this feature from Office Settings and, once enabled, a Caregiver will be able to add breaks from their smartphone or caregiver portal.

2. During their shift, a Caregiver will have the ability to click “Log a Break,” then select the type of break & enter the duration in minutes.

3. At clock-out, if a Caregiver has not logged a break, the system will prompt the Caregiver to enter the break if they wish to do so.

4.CareSmartz360 automatically subtracts the break duration from the final shift duration (i.e. rounded) and sets the bill and pay overrides to that duration minus the break duration, which should also be rounded per rules in Office Settings or by service.

5. All the details related to break shall be shown in a new report under the name of “Rest Break” under Reports -> Scheduling section.

On the Agency Portal following steps needs to be followed by the user

1.Under Office settings -> Time Tracking Notification –> You will have the ability to “Enable Breaks and Rest Periods” with a click of the checkbox.

2. User will then go to Settings → Scheduling → DDM – Scheduling to enter new types of breaks under the section labeled: “Types of Break.”

3. The default property of these break types in the DDM will be set to Not billable & Not payable & shall have the ability to change the default property if required.

4. Please note that on the Break info, if the break time is billable & payable, the time entered will be included in total schedule time at the time of creating an invoice for the client & payroll for caregiver.

5. This will be shown on the time tracking screen as Billable, Not-Billable/Payable & Not-Payable hours

6.If the break info is Not Billable & Not Payable, the break time will be excluded from the Invoice & Payroll calculations

7. Also, Agency/Admin Users (User) can navigate to Scheduling Reports -> “Rest Breaks” to view break details for various caregivers.

Ability to  Enable Breaks and Rest Periods in New Update
Drop Down Maintenance Scheduling in New Update
Break Info in August Update
Shown on the Time Tracking Screen in New Update

On Mobile App & Caregiver portal, the following steps needs to be followed by the Caregiver

1. Caregiver (CG) will be allowed to clocks into a shift via the mobile app.

2. Caregiver will only be able to log a rest break after he/she has performed a clock-in on the shift.

3. Caregiver can log the break anytime during the shift or at the time of clock-out.

4. Please note that break cannot be greater than total shift time.

Following Steps Needs to be Followed by the Caregiver
Log Rest Break in August Update

2. Updates in HHA Exchange reports

For all the HHA exchange reports, user will be able to see the Visit edit reason codes.

1. User can select their EVV Aggregator as HHAeXchange (HHAX) under payer profile for HHAX payers. Upon editing a schedule for that client& payer combination, Reason Code & Action Taken are promoted & captured with the schedule.

2. On the schedule window & Time Tracking screen, when any user tries to perform a manual edit of the schedule, upon saving, user will be prompted to select a Reason Code & Action Taken from the drop down (pre-filled values) so that they shall be incorporated & shown in HHAX reports.

3. Please note that these Action Codes & Reason Codes for each visit that has entered shall be shown on all 5 of the HHAX reports at the time of export.

Updates in HHA Exchange Reports in August Update

3. Allow agencies to split overnight shifts based on Office and Client Settings

From now on, under Office settings -> Payroll section -> you will have the ability to enable a checkbox for allowing the splitting of schedules at midnight. The use case here is that some payers and/or EVV aggregators require it to be split.

Once the checkbox is enabled, CareSmartz360 will prompt the user as to whether they wish to enable it for all clients. If yes, it will be enabled for all clients under client -> main tab.

In case the user wants to turn off the splitting for a specific client, they can go in the client’s profile & disable it.

Please note that disabling the feature from office settings will not disable the client’s profile automatically.

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