Client Portal, Invoice Enhancements, IVR(Telephony), EDI, and EVV Updates

Following are the changes in this release:

There is no update to Agency mobile app with this release. However, the Caregiver app will be updated with performance & usability fixes. The newest version is v2.21 and will be available on both app stores. The minimum operating system requirements are “Lollipop” for Android and v11.0 for Apple devices.

Ability to print Caregiver’s Skill Type on Invoice PDF.

You will now be able to note a Caregiver’s Skill Type on the Invoice PDF. To enable or disable this information, visit Office Settings > Billing tab or Payer Profile > Billing tab.

Homecare Client Portal Forms Updates
Home Care Client Portal Forms Updates

Ability to View Invoices of other Payers from the Client Portal.

Currently, a Payer can log in to the Client Portal and only see their invoices. Now, Payers will be able to see invoices of other Payers of that Client. On the Client Portal, Invoices can be accessed from Dashboard and Invoices screen.

Home Care Client Portal Forms Updates


Note – This feature will be available On Demand. Kindly reach out to Support to enable this feature.

Ability to Define Payer’s Preferred Method of Payment.

You will now have the option to define a Payer’s Preferred Payment Mode on the Client Portal. This can be managed from the Payer’s Profile > Billing tab. Absent in integration with a payment gateway, no option will be available. With Authorize.Net, only the Credit Card option will be available. With Transnational, both Credit Card and Bank Account options will be available. To learn more about payment gateway options, please email support@caresmartz360.com.

Display Variance Report In Home Care Client Portal
Display Variance Report In Home Care Client Portal

IVR (Telephony) Update when Clocking Out.

Currently, if your Office Settings prevent Caregivers from clocking out without updating all tasks, the IVR (Telephony) method has not enforced the setting. Now, even the IVR will not allow the Caregiver to clock out if all tasks are not updated (depending upon Office Settings). In such a case, a message will now be played “Please update your tasks before clocking out”. IVR options will allow Caregiver to update all tasks. Once done, the Caregiver will be allowed to clock out.

EVV Updates

Sandata Updates

1) Assign a Service Type to Sandata Payer Programs

With this release, you can assign a service type to payer programs. Based on the service type selected with the payer program, program start date and program end date, the data will be mapped to the schedule that is set as primary. Please note that only one service type can be set & linked with one payer program as primary. The payer program that is set as primary will be carried forward to schedules and then to posting EVV data.

Carebridge EVV Aggregator Updates


2) Introducing a Check Box under Client – Payer section

With this release, a new check-box – Payer Programs required for EVV will be introduced under the client -payer section where an existing Sandata payer is linked with that client. You can enable or disable the ability to add payer programs to that client. In case the checkbox is enabled, the payer program section will become mandatory and functionality will work as it does currently. In case the checkbox is disabled, payer programs will not be required and you can update the client payer section without a payer program block.

Carebridge EVV Aggregator Updates

HHAeXchange Updates

1) New V5 Import file compatibility

With this release, Caresmartz360 system will be compatible with V5 import file functionality. Agencies using HHAX will now be able to see the following 3 reports under EVV reports that will be sent over to HHAX via CSV export.
1. HHAeXchange Billed Visits Import Report
2. HHAeXchange Deleted Schedule Import Report
3. HHAeXchange Missed Visit Import Report

The following reports for HHAeXchange will not be applicable and will no longer be shown under EVV reports :
1. HHAeXchange Schedule Visits Import Report
2. HHAeXchange Confirmed Visits Import Report

Sandata EVV Configuration Screen Updates

2) Introducing a Payer Filter on the HHA Data Post Screen

On the HHAeXchange data post screen, a Payer filter is introduced so that providers can filter by payer at the time of posting if required.

Sandata EVV Configuration Screen Updates

Carebridge Updates

1) Introducing “Not Posted” Status in the Visit Status Filter on the Carebridge Data Post Screen

With this release forward, on the Carebridge Data Post screen, a ‘Not Posted’ status is included in the Visit Status filter.

Sandata EVV Configuration Screen Updates

TELLUS Updates

1) Sending IVR (Telephony) Information in the Rendered Services XML

With for release, for clock-in & clock-out happening via IVR, the call details will be transmitted in the Rendered Services file.

2) EVV – Integration – New Requirements – Missed Visits
It is now required to transmit additional information to Netsmart/TELLUS in the event a visit was ‘missed’. A missed visit is defined as a visit which was scheduled but did not occur.

A total of four new fields will be required, two will be free-form text fields.

a. Missed Visit Reason (this field has always been mandatory if VisitStatus = UNBL)
b. Missed Visit Action Taken
c. Missed Visit Reason Note
d. Missed Visit Action Taken Note

Sandata EVV Configuration Screen Updates

3) EVV Integration – Updated Requirements

With this release, the Tellus RS feed will include all four (4) values: Invoice Start Date Time, Invoice End Date Time, Invoice Units and Invoice Amount
a. When all four (4) of these values are included for the visit, Netsmart/ TELLUS will use the Invoice Start Date Time and Invoice End Date Time to calculate the Invoice Units and Invoice Amount. Therefore, the values passed in these two fields Units/Amount ( sent previously) will be ignored. It is important that Providers understand that those values, if passed, will not be utilized when the claim is created.

EDI Updates

1) Introducing New Payer ID Field for EDI under Payer Profile

With this release, Providers will be able to enter a Payer ID for EDI & EVV separately based on the requirements from EVV aggregators & Payers. Based on the Payer ID entered in respective fields, the data will be used for EVV posting and EDI file generation.



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