QuickBooks Payment Sync, Compliance Report Update, & more in the July Release

Following are the changes in this release:

NOTE: Not all features are immediately available to all agency users. You should always go to Admin Settings and update the permissions for your agency users at the time of a new feature release if required for that feature.

1. QuickBooks – Global Payment Sync

You will now have the ability to sync payments in bulk between QuickBooks and CS360, rather than needing to find individual invoices within a batch. This should help make your A/R more manageable, and reconcilable between the two systems.

QuickBooks Desktop

1. Navigate to QuickBooks Integration

2. Select your office

3. Click QuickBooks Payment Sync

4. A search for invoices whose payments need to be sync’d can be filtered on the following attributes:

–> Client Name

–> Invoice Date Range

–> Payment Status (Not Paid, Paid, Partially Paid, Over Paid) Click Search!

Once results return which meet your filter criteria, you will see invoices with the following columns:

1. Invoice Number

2. Batch Name

3. Invoice Date

4. Client

5. Payer

6. Total Hours

7. Amount

8. Invoice Balance

9. Preferred Delivery

10. Invoice Status

There will be a checkbox available, along with the header fields, so that all the records can be selected in a single click for syncing. Please note, only 50 records can be sync’d at one time. Whenever you click on the checkbox at the top to select all invoices, the first 50 records will be selected by default. You can de-select and select any other record if needed, but the total number of selected invoices for QB sync is capped at 50 per QB sync.

1. Click the QB Sync button

2. A message will display: “Your data is ready to sync with QuickBooks. Please run the web connector to complete the process.”

3. Run your Web Connector and verify that everything transferred completely

QuickBooks Online

The same steps listed above are the same, except that you just need to click QB Sync. This message will then display: “Your sync’ing process has begun. Please refresh this page after a few minutes to update the list!”

2. Integration with Sandata in the state of Indiana & Arizona

CareSmartz360 is now integrated with Sandata in the states of Indiana & Arizona. Please reach out to our Support team if you have any questions.

3. Compliance Report Update

Compliance report will now be sorted by date rather than by caregiver.

Compliance report will now be sorted by date in New Update

4. SMS messages can be sent from telephone number link

CareSmartz360 will now allow you to send SMS messages by clicking the telephone number at the top of a user’s profile. This shall be applicable to the following user’s profiles:

1. Caregiver

2. Client

3. Payer

4. Prospective Caregiver

5. Prospective Client

6. Staff

SMS messages can be sent from telephone number link in July Update

5. Time Tracking screen rows per page will be saved

We will now save your preference to show the number of records per page on the Time Tracking Views. This will persist even if you navigate away from the view and/or log out of CareSmartz360.

6. Change to client name displaying in SMS and Email Templates

To ensure even more compliance with HIPAA, we’ve gone through all email and SMS templates and will replace the {full_name} placeholder with one which will only display the client’s first name and last initial. This effectively delivers even more security against identifying an individual who receives home care.

E.g. Currently, If the Client Name is John Smith, the system will send John S. as the client name in the SMS and Email templates.

We've just scratched the surface.

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