Profile Grid Preferences saved per user preference and More Flexibility in Overtime Settings

Following are the changes in this release:

Profile Grids with Paging and saving as per user preference.

User will be able to select the records per page, say “100 records” in grid and system will save that value as preference for that user. The number of records will stay intact when the user will logs into the system later.

Also, paging on the top (addition to bottom one) is being shown on client, caregivers, staff, payer, prospective clients etc. section for user to select & not scroll every time.

Paging and saving as per user preference jan update

Report Filter on EVV Report “Clock-In/Clock-Out Location and Mode”

Add client & caregiver Status filters on the EVV Clock-In/Clock-Out Location and Mode report so the user can get just the necessary data.

Report filter on evv report jan software update

Unavailable Caregivers will be highlighted on Release Visit Plan screen

Under Release Visit Plan, when the user is publishing the visit plan, the system will highlight the caregiver name to let the user know before releasing that the assigned caregiver is not available for the shift that has been planned for him/her.

Highlighted unavailable caregivers jan software

Payroll Export CSV to have Time Tracking ID

Under Payroll, View finalized Payroll Batches, the CSV export will include, the unique Time tracking ID of the caregivers.

jan update on payroll export
Time tracking id csv export

‘Invoice Summary by Invoice Date’ report name is now updated to ‘Invoice Summary by Batch’

Open Shift Notification

Just like caregiver receiving weekly notifications on Open Shift(s) present in Agency database, agency user(s) can also receive the same notification. This can be enabled by going into Office Settings > Notifications section.

open shift notification update january

Email ID to be unique

From now on, agencies will NOT be able to create multiple caregivers /admin/agency users/other staff with same email address. If the agency tries to create a user with an email address that already exists, the system will generate the validation message that the email address already exists for another user and needs to be unique.

Risk factor & Communication barrier Fields under Assessment are being managed from DDM.

Risk Factors and Communication Barrier fields from Personal Care section of assessments can now be managed from Admin Section > Clients > DDM – Client Management section.

Jan update on ddm client management
ddm management update january

**New Report: Client Bill Rates Report

New report under Reports >> Clients >> Client Bill Rates showing service type & bill rates for client in a date range selected.

New jan update client bill rates report

Find Caregiver button implemented on Open Shift(s) on Schedule Calendar

User can search for the caregiver to fill the shift from schedule calendar without opening the schedule.

When a user clicks on the Open Shift schedule, there will be a new button on the quick view labeled “Find Caregiver”. By clicking on this link, the system will redirect the user to the Find Caregiver screen and system will perform the auto search for available caregivers to fill the open shift selected.

 Find caregiver button on open shift schedule calendar

Double Overtime

Agencies from California or other states as well, can now configure their agency instance to pay caregivers for double overtime as well.

We have revised the overtime control in office settings > Payroll section so that agencies can configure the regular hours, OT Hours (1.5x) and Double Overtime Hours (2x) configuration.

jan update on overtime requirements

(Above mentioned scripts are just for illustration purposes)

If an agency does not consider overtime under any condition, they can leave that section blank. e.g. If an agency does not want to give 1.5x multiplier on 7th consecutive day worked, then they can leave the multiplier blank and system will not apply the overtime multiplier.

Payer Name and Caregiver Name columns have been introduced in HHA Exchange reports.

Payer Name and Caregiver Name columns have been introduced in all 5 HHA Exchange compatible reports for better visibility on schedules.

Payer and caregiver name columns introduced jan update

Please Note: Payer Name and Caregiver Names are used only in HHA Exchange reports view. These names will only come in the report export file if it is required as per HHA Exchange guidelines.

Client Portal calendar export has been refined more to be printer friendly.

On Client Portal > Calendar section, Calendar export format has been refined to become more printer friendly.

Refinement of client portal calendar export jan update

Similar export is implemented on Main Agency > Client Profile > Schedule Section > Print option.

Canceled by Caregiver workflow update and report.

From now on, whenever a scheduled shift status is changed to ‘Canceled by Caregiver’, the agency user will put in the reason for changing the shift status and CareSmartz360 system will automatically remove the caregiver from shift and make the shift as Open Shift.

 Canceled by caregiver workflow update and report

**A new report named “Call-Off” report has been added into the system where agency can go in and put the schedule date range and see all the schedules which were marked as ‘Canceled by Caregiver’ and what was the reason given and who canceled the shifts.

Call off report update january

**New Report: Canceled by Client

Whenever a shift status is marked as ‘Canceled by Client’, system will capture the data on reason given, who canceled the shift and show this data in form of report so that agency can view these cancellations at office level.

New report canceled by client jan update

Direct link on Time Tracking screen to open Client or Caregiver Profile

On Time Tracking screen, clicking on Client or Caregiver’s name link, agencies will be able to perform two operations: Send SMS or Open Profile.

Till now, users were only able to send SMS from Time Tracking Screen, but from now on, they will be able to open client/caregiver profile in new tab as well.

Direct link on time tracking screen new jan update

**New Report: Care History

A new report has been introduced under scheduling report category named as Care History.

Currently, users have to open each schedule shift and then navigate to open the Care History of that specific shift.

But from now, it will be very easy for the agency to open the Care History of a shift with the click of a button.

Users can search all the schedules for one or multiple client(s) with date range as well.

Client Type Filter on Time Tracking

On Time Tracking Screen, Client Type Filter has been introduced on Time Tracking screen to filter out Client list.

Client type filter on time tracking jan update

Service Type on Authorization Strip

Under Client Profile > Schedule, system will now show Service Type name in the Authorization strip so that its easy for the agencies to track clients who have multiple Authorization with same number but configured with different service type.

Service type on authorization strip jan update

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