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In Conversation with Amy Cooney to Bring Her Insights on Home Care Success

Many things need to be in place to launch a home care business. To start with, ensuring compliance is most critical. It includes but is not limited to securing licenses, insurance, and adhering to state regulations.

It works as a solid foundation that further helps you build your team. Next, recruit compassionate caregivers, conduct thorough background checks, and invest in rigorous training to equip them with the most relevant skills.

Then, make sure you use end-to-end home care software that helps you create personalized care plans for clients. To get insights, work closely with clients and their families. It will help you identify individual needs and tailor services accordingly. Further, use scheduling apps and client portals to streamline operations and communication.

To get a competitive edge, consider specializing in a particular area like post-surgical recovery or dementia care. Finally, focus on exceptional customer service.

To shed some light on the same, we interviewed a home care industry expert to bring her perspective on navigating a home care business.

Expert QA session with Amy

Who Did We Interview?

Throughout her career, Amy has taken on various roles within healthcare and counseling. She has worked as a personal support worker in hospital and long-term care settings, then as a child and youth counsellor, and further as an onboarding and engagement partner. After drawing from her extensive experience in home care, she now runs her own home care business that focuses on client-centered care.

Let us now get to what she has to say about running a home care business:

Question 1: What motivated your decision to become a business owner in the home care industry?

I decided to venture into the home care industry as a business owner after recognizing the opportunity and the necessity it presents. With the strain on our healthcare system exacerbated by the challenges of COVID-19, I saw a prime moment to contribute positively.

Additionally, I find immense fulfillment in fostering meaningful connections with individuals in my community and its environs.

Question 2: What are the main challenges for your home care agency in your state/city?

In my industry, I encounter significant challenges, primarily rising from heightened competition. Many professionals are leaving hospitals and long-term care facilities to establish their own businesses, intensifying the competitive landscape.

Moreover, advertising presents another hurdle. I have discovered that word-of-mouth referrals yield far better benefits compared to costly advertising campaigns, making effective promotion a complex endeavor.

Question 3: What are the technologies that you are relying on?

I solely rely on my computer for billing purposes in my business. Apart from that, I use the traditional pen and paper method to manage my affairs effectively.

Question 4: What advice would you offer someone wanting to be a business owner?

I advise individuals to establish a healthy savings cushion before diving into entrepreneurship to ensure a comfortable start. Rather than immediately quitting their current job, I recommend working on their new venture as a side hustle until it gains momentum.

Consistency and honesty are paramount: consistently showing up for clients and being honest fosters trust and positive word-of-mouth, which is invaluable in building a successful business.

Question 5: What are the two key changes you would make to the home care or senior care regulations in your agency’s location if given the opportunity?

I’m hesitant to propose changes to existing regulations because they play a crucial role in safeguarding our seniors and guaranteeing the quality of care they receive.


While navigating competition and finding cost-effective marketing strategies are concerns, the importance of building trust through consistent, honest service is vital when running a home care business.

Amy’s perspective reinforces that running a successful home care company goes beyond regulations and operations – it thrives on genuine care and a commitment to client well-being.

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