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In Conversation with Alicia Reid to Bring Her Insights on Supporting Dementia Seniors

Caring for an elderly loved one with dementia is a profound odyssey, demanding boundless compassion and patience. Amidst the challenges, it offers a unique opportunity for genuine connection. It’s a journey that transcends the boundaries of fading memories, teaching us patience and the language of the heart.

In these moments, caregivers become the unsung heroes, navigating the complexities with unwavering love and grace. Every day becomes a testament to the enduring power of the human spirit, emphasizing the importance of cherishing fleeting moments and finding beauty in simplicity. Through this journey, caregivers discover their depths of compassion and resilience, making the act of caregiving a transformative experience of profound love and understanding.

To shed some light on the same, we interviewed a home care industry expert to bring her perspective on dementia care to light.

Expert QA session with Alicia Reid

Who Did We Interview?

Alicia Ann Reid, residing in Charleston, SC, is the dedicated Owner/CEO of Serenity Alzheimer’s & Dementia Training LLC. As a renowned Dementia Educator, she operates an international online platform, delivering comprehensive education and support to caregivers and professionals worldwide. Alicia’s expertise and empathy make her a trusted resource, transforming lives globally.

Let’s get started with knowing what our expert thinks of the home care industry:

Question 1: What, in your opinion, can caregivers do to support seniors with dementia?

Caregivers can support seniors with dementia by empathizing with their condition and needs. Listen to them. Try making it easy for them to remember by having a routine for daily activities (ADLs). Learning how to communicate with them is key. This is a good brochure sign up.

This book is good for working with a client/ family member with dementia. Get it here

Question 2: Do dementia patients need to make lifestyle changes to minimize the impact?

Yes, they should reduce caffeine intake for better sleep.

Question 3: How should family members and caregivers communicate with dementia patients?

Speak slowly and clearly. Make eye contact and you may have to use body language. See the “A Caregiver’s Guide Alzheimer’s & Dementia book.”

Also, this course will teach you all about dementia. Get it here using this code.

Question 4: Do caregivers and family members need to take certain steps to make the elderly’s house dementia friendly?

Yes, bathrooms should have no skit mats on the floor throughout the house and in the shower. There should be handle rails. They should be shower chairs. Get a call button. Dementia clients should not be alone doing showers but should be given privacy. Install security cams and have them tied to the phone so the person can see the client when someone calls.


Question 5: What advice do you give to caregivers dealing with dementia in older adults?

Have patience with them, and be understanding. Understanding their memory has changed, don’t expect them to remember. Their belief is their reality doesn’t make them believe differently.

Final Words

Supporting seniors with dementia is a duty and a profound testament to our shared humanity. It demands patience, understanding, and unwavering compassion. In the face of cognitive decline, we find opportunities for profound connection, where love and empathy become powerful tools. By embracing innovative approaches, fostering awareness, and nurturing a caring environment, we can enhance the quality of life for seniors with dementia.

As a society, we can create spaces of dignity and respect where everyone is valued and cherished regardless of their cognitive challenges. Through our collective efforts, we can ensure that seniors with dementia live their lives gracefully, surrounded by love and understanding.

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