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In Conversation with Aaron Stapleton to Bring His Insights on Keeping Pace with Home Care Industry Growth

About one year ago, there was a surge in demand for home-based care. The industry emerged as a political priority, and labor shortages became a primary obstacle.

Amidst this momentum, agency owners expected 2022 as a moment for reimbursement rates to climb or open new doors, enabling agencies to compete for talent.

But, this all didn’t quite come out as expected. Therefore, home care organizations in 2023 are forced to focus on the aspects agency owners may control for driving sustainable growth and gaining greater control of their destiny. Some of the most critical areas would be utilizing new technology for shoring up the operations, training & developing skilled staff, and leveraging demands for pursuing new sources of partnerships & funding.

While the future of home care is unforeseeable, agency owners in 2023 must focus on control while they’re in a quest for sustainable growth.

To shed some light on the same, we interviewed a home care industry expert to bring his perspective on the current scenario of non-medical care to light.

Expert QA session with Aaron Stapleton

Who Did We Interview?

Aaron Stapleton is an experienced founder with a demonstrated history of working in the home and healthcare industry. He is a strong business development professional who graduated from Northern Kentucky University, skilled in sales, team building, account management, application tracking systems, and management.

Let’s get started with knowing what our expert thinks of the home care industry:

Question 1: How do you see the home care industry in 2023?

Home care in 2023 is going to be a year of growth. Companies are looking to grow their payer sources. Our industry is looking to grow education on a state and national level. I believe this is a great year for home care to show the general public, which includes legislators, as well as hospitals how important we are to keeping people out of the emergency rooms and in their homes.

Question 2: According to you, how can technology benefit the home care business?

Technology is crucial in-home care. We must utilize technology to ensure our care and communication are the best they can be. I believe data is key in our industry for growth and legitimacy in the future. We have to utilize technology to show the importance of our care in the healthcare continuum.

Question 3: What mistakes do agencies need to stop making to stabilize revenues in 2023?

One of the big mistakes I see companies making, and we have done this as well, is trying to be all things to everyone. We try to be value, quality and speed. When we try to do all these things, we are not good at any of them. This typically hurts our bottom line, our quality, and our reputation. Focus on one or two of these and be the best at them.

Question 4: What is your advice to new home care agency owners?

A piece of advice I would give new home care owners is to keep the best interest of your clients and your employees in mind. Take care of your employees and they will take care of your clients. I say this because it is true and because it is easier to keep a good employee than to find one at times. If you take the time to build into your staff they will recognize that and want to grow with your company.

Question 5: What do you believe will take the home care industry to new heights of success?

I believe home care will have new heights of success by capturing and utilizing data. We must collect data on how we keep people safe in their homes, keep people out of the hospitals, and help people live longer and better lives. Data will help our industry grow and will help us prove the importance to new payer sources, and allow us to assist more people than we currently are.

Key Takeaways

Growing your home care business can be challenging, especially when you need to move in the right direction.

Our experts, Aaron, believe in staying at par with the changing home care industry trends and keeping your clients’ and employees’ best interests in mind. According to him, this is the best way to make your business pick up and gain a competitive edge over the others in 2023 and beyond.

We hope you found this expert Q&A as insightful as we did and had something to take away from it.

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