Multi-Edit Capabilities, New Hire Reports, & Care Alert Updates

Following are the changes in this release:

Multi-Edit Capabilities on Schedule Calendar

Users will have the ability to edit multiple schedules in the week on the Schedule calendar for either Client or Caregiver in order to make any changes that are required. In the case of client selection under group by feature, the following values can be modified/updated in one go. Users will also have the option to make shifts open as well if required.

1.Caregiver name

2.Schedule Start time/End time

3.Schedule Start/End date

4.Service type

5.Bill rate

6.Pay rate

In the case of Caregiver Selection, the following values can be modified/updated in one go

1.Schedule Start time/End time

2.Schedule Start/End date

3.Service type

4.Bill rate

5.Pay rate

Ability to Edit the Schedules for Client March Software Update
March Software Update to Edit Schedule

Showing Billable and payable hours on Time Tracking – View screen along with ability to Export to Excel

Users will be able to view Billable & payable hours in grid under Time Tracking views along with ability to export the records in excel
Able to View Billable Payable Hours Software Update

Widget for Pending Confirmation shifts on agency dashboard

Users will have the ability to view all the unconfirmed shifts on the dashboard under “Shift(s) pending confirmation” widget. They will then be able to single select or multi- select the caregiver list in order to send them SMS or Email. Summary will be shown to the agency user before sending the SMS or email just to confirm on the list of users to whom communication will be sent & the ones that are missing out. This will be for current & future weeks only.
Ability to view all the Unconfirmed Shifts

Updates on Care alerts widget on agency dashboard

New Date range control is introduced under Care alert section – all tabs. User(s) will now have the ability to multi-select notes from different schedules and will be able to publish them in single go under specified date range selected.
Updates on Care Alerts Widget
Care Alerts Caresmartz March Update

Under Client Profile, new section has been introduced named as “Care Alerts” which will show same data as Care Alerts widget on Dashboard but in client profile, that section will provide data respective to that client only.

Client Profile Care-Alert Section March Update

Updates on missed clock-in/clock-out widget on Agency Dashboard

On Agency Dashboard, user(s) will be able to enter the clock-in or out time for the schedule directly from this widget. Once updated, that row will disappear from widget and system will capture the log regarding who performed the manual Clock-In or Clock-Out and when.
Updates on Missed-Clock In Clock Out Update March

Caregiver notes to be mandatory for shift(s)

Under client profile, User will have the ability to check if they would like to make notes mandatory or not. In case the checkbox is marked as ticked, then at-least 1 note should be added by caregiver for that shift. This will for mobile app & caregiver portal both (not for telephony).
Caregiver Notes to be Mandatory for Shift

Ability to update longitude and latitude of client’s location by dropping the pin on the map or manual update

User will have the ability to drag & drop the pin in order to update the longitude & latitude all across the system where map is shown. If an agency user changes the pin location on the map for a specific client, then clock-in and clock-out rules set by the agency will be triggered on updated pin location basis.
 Ability to Update Longitude and Latitude of Clients

Ability to see SMS thread on dashboard on click of message icon on SMS log widget on agency dashboard

User(s) will have the ability to see the SMS thread from the SMS log widget available on agency dashboard for any specific number/user they would like to look for.
Ability to see SMS Thread on Dashboard

Updates in Care alerts widget on Client Portal

On the care alerts widget the in client portal, the client/family user will be able to select the date range on the Care Alert Widget to show data within Date range instead of single day at a time.

Additionally, a new tab is introduced in the Care Alerts widget in Client Portal where client/emergency contact user will be able to see task status in the widget.

Icon for Quick view against client name in search bar

Quick view against Client name in Search Bar

Find Caregiver – Results screen – new columns introduced

On the find caregiver result screen, Hours together & compatibility will be shown.
Find Caregiver Result Screen March Update

New Hire report.

A new report is introduced in Schedule Category of reports which will filter down the caregivers by their date range and the amount of hours of work they have done within the selected date range.
Introduced New Hire Report

Release visit plan – Running Calendar view for Caregiver Profiles

On Release Visit Plan, agencies will be able to view Caregiver running calendar as well similar to Client’s running calendar on the Release Visit Plan screen under Scheduling.
Able to View Caregiver Running calendar

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