July Update Features Shift Rounding, Subsequent Clock-In/Out & much more.

Following are the changes in this release:

1. Allow rounding by shift duration, not just start and end times

Currently, we have three billing options: Bill Min, Bill Scheduled, Bill Actual. If Bill Actual is chosen, we allow four rounding types:

1. No Rounding

2. Round Down

3. Round-Up

4. Round Nearest

The rounding is applied to the clock-in time and clock-out time individually. Based on this, the units are derived from the difference between those two rounded times. Therefore, we are rounding start and end, then finding the difference to get billable and payable hours.

Now, there will be more options available in addition to the previous 4 rounding labeled with “Bill Duration” (for billing) or “Pay Duration” (for payroll).

1. In case No Rounding is selected, nothing will change, bill/pay rates will be based on actual clock-in/out.

2. In the case of Bill (or Pay) Duration Round Nearest, rounding will be done on the nearest quarter-hour, say, for example, if the clock-in time is 8:07 am & clock-out time is 09:56 AM, the total time is 1 hour 49 minutes which rounds to 1.75 hours/units.

3. In the case of Bill (or Pay) Duration Round Down, rounding will be done on the lower quarter-hour, say, for example, if the clock-in time was 8:07 AM and clock-out was 09:56 AM, the total time is 1 hour 49 minutes which rounds to 1.75 hours/units.

4. In the case of Bill (or Pay) Duration Round-Up, rounding will be done to the upper quarter-hour, say, for example, the clock-in time was 8:07 AM and clock-out was 09:56 AM, the total time is 1 hour 49 minutes which rounds to 2 hours/units.

Allow Rounding by Shift Duration Software Update

2. Hide invoices from client/payer/contact portal(s)

Under Office Settings → Client Portal Permission, there is a new Care History attribute labeled “Client Invoices.” Users will now have the ability to select the type of user (Client User, Emergency Contact User or Payer User) whom they would like to show or hide the client invoice section. By default, all the 3 columns will be selected & client invoices will be shown for Client/Payer/Emergency Contact users.

Hide Invoices from Client/Payer/Contact Portal(s)

3. Allow Admin Users to be selected as Care Coordinator and/or Supervisor

Agency user(s) will have the ability to include Admin users in Supervisor and Care Coordinator dropdown fields in Caregiver, Other Staff, and Client Module so that they can assign them as Supervisor and Care Coordinator as well.

The corresponding report name is also changed in the Client section from “Client, Caregiver, Agency User Relationship Report“ to “Client, Caregiver, Agency/Admin User Relationship Report“

4. Add a Territory filter to Time Tracking Views

We have introduced a new filter named “Client Territory” on Time Tracking Views just in case you would like to filter based on territory.

Add a Territory filter to Time Tracking Views in July Update

5. Allow SSN to be set as required for Caregivers

Under Office Settings -> Payroll tab, We have introduced a new setting named “Require Social Security Number”. If this checkbox is enabled, the social security number will be required under the caregiver profile while adding or making an edit to the profile. This has been done to support Payroll configurations which require a SSN.

Allow SSN to be set as required for Caregivers in New Update

6. Allow schedule to be created from Client profile even without an assessment

Under the “Scheduling” tab within the client profile, creating an assessment is no longer mandatory before creating a schedule. Users will be able to create a schedule without any validation of creating an assessment first.

7. QuickBooks Improvements

1. Separated expense code matching in QB configuration for more granular categorization of expenses.

2. Better handling of deposits: Agencies will now be able to select which deposit to apply on the invoice. If there are multiple unapplied deposits present for a client, you will be able to select the deposit and then apply it on the invoice.

3. QuickBooks Error Logs – After running your QuickBooks sync, check the error logs for any notes on why anything might have been skipped.

8. Subsequent Shifts Clock-In/Out

We are introducing a new feature for Caregivers who work back-to-back shifts with the same client. Currently, they have to clock in and out of every shift. Moving forward, you can enable the caregiver to manually clock in on the first shift & out on the last shift. Each clock-in/out event in between will automatically happen within the system

This feature will be available on the Smartphone app only for now.

To enable, there will be a setting under Office Settings where the agency will have the option to activate the auto clock-in/clock-out feature for subsequent shifts. Here is an example: If the caregiver has back to back schedules with the same client, e.g. 8 AM – 10 AM, 10 AM – 12 PM, 12 PM – 2 PM, irrespective of Service Type, then:

1. The caregiver must clock-in for the 1st shift, otherwise, the system will not detect whether the caregiver has reached the client’s home or not.

2.If the caregiver clocks in on the 1st shift within the threshold period, no matter whether the clock-in is manual/IVR/smartphone/web portal, the system will auto clock-out the caregiver on 1st shift, clock-in and clock-out on 2nd shift and auto clock-in on 3rd shift (depending on the subsequent shifts in place).

3. The caregiver must manually clock out the last shift.

4. If no clock-in is found at the end time of 1st shift i.e. 10 AM, then the system cannot auto clock-out the shift and the shifts after because the system does not know whether the caregiver reached the client’s residence or not.

5. Once the auto clock-in/clock-out feature starts, the caregiver will have to update the task details & other operations within the threshold for each shift or alternatively at the end of the last shift.

6. There will be a push notification on the App for the caregiver in order to remind him/her about the shift ending & that he/she needs to update the tasks and other schedule operations before it ends.

7. Auto clock-in/clock-out will happen at the scheduled time. In case the caregiver does not fill in the details within the threshold, they will have an option to enter the details at the end of the last shift where the caregiver will see a screen to enter details on a per shift basis. This will be done within the threshold of the last shift for these subsequent shifts only.

8. Both options will be available for the Caregiver to either enter/update schedule operations within the shift timing or at the end of the last shift where all the operations will be shown shift by shift.

9. In case a manual clock-in does not happen on the first shift & it happens on the second shift, subsequent auto clock-in/clock-out will follow for rest of the subsequent shifts.

Subsequent Shifts Clock-In/Out in July Update
Add Expense in Subsequent Shifts Update by Caresmartz

9. Colorado – Sandata – EVV aggregator

CareSmartz360 system is now integrated with Sandata in the State of Colorado.

10. Syncing of expenses & mileage under Expense matching tab in QB sync

Users will now be able to sync the expenses with the expenses in QB on the Newly introduced page for Expense Matching. Instead of the putting them in only one head as per current flow.

Users will now be able to sync the expenses in New Update

11. New column added in Schedules By Caregiver Report

Under Reports -> Scheduling -> Schedule by Caregiver report, We have added a new column for Schedule Status.

 ew column added in Schedules By Caregiver Report

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