Customization for Caregivers, DMAS and QuickBooks Update

In this release are the following changes:

DMAS – 90 Updates

a. Caregivers will be able to select pre-defined comments for the “Additional Comments” while entering DMAS – 90 questionnaire.

Agency can configure these pre-defined comments from Admin Section > Scheduling > DDM – Scheduling > DMAS90 Answer Template.

Caregivers will be able to use this feature on their Smartphone App/Web Portal.

Dmas Questionnaire

b. Ability to capture who signs the schedule from the client side.

Caregivers will be able to capture who is signing the shift when they clock out: the client himself/herself, or someone else on their behalf. The name of the person will be printed on the DMAS90 export as well.


c. Agency will be able to configure their service based on whether the service is Personal Care or Respite Care.

Agencies can now go to Admin Settings > Schedule > Service Type and configure their services whether those services are of Personal or Respite Care type and the same will be implemented on the DMAS-90 export as well.

d. Agencies will be able to configure the DMAS-90 questionnaire.

Agency can now add/edit the questions which are required for the caregivers to fill in while checking out. Agency can configure these questions from Office Settings > DMAS-90 section.


e. All DMAS-90 tasks will be printed on DMAS-90 export file.

We received the feedback from agencies in Virginia that, whether or not tasks are planned for a specific schedule, all active tasks should be in the DMAS-90 export file.

e.g. There are total 25 active tasks in the care plan. Per the care plan for the Monday shift, the caregiver is only assigned to perform 5 tasks. The caregiver will only see 5 tasks in the schedule, but in the DMAS90 export file, all 25 tasks will appear because they are all part of the compliance.

Address Book > Referral Source column is now relabeled to Category.

Confirmation messages will disappear automatically.

Currently, when we add/edit/delete any data in CareSmartz360, upon successful completion of the operation, the system shows a confirmation message “Record saved successfully”. To remove this message, the user needs to click the OK button.

We received feedback from multiple agencies that this was time-consuming, so throughout the admin section wherever this message will appears, it will also disappear automatically.

In this release, this feature is only implemented in the Admin Section of the CareSmartz360. In upcoming releases, it will be implemented throughout.


Caregivers will be able to add custom rates while entering an expense item.

Currently, agencies can configure their default expense rates in Office Settings > Rates and caregivers only need to enter the units while punching in the expense on their smartphone app and web portal.

We received the feedback that there are expenses where default rates cannot be set as the rates are changed on frequent basis e.g. prescriptions or groceries, so there is no default rate.

Now, if no rate is configured for a specific expense category in the Office Settings > Rates, caregivers will be able to enter both the custom rates and units.

Overtime data is sent from CareSmartz Billing > QuickBooks

While pushing the Invoice data from CareSmartz360 to QuickBooks Online/Desktop, the overtime line item will be sent as a different one, so that the regular hours and rates are sent differently from the overtime rate and hours.

For example: there is a schedule of 10 hours containing 2 hours of OT. When the invoice containing this schedule is sent to the QuickBooks > CareSmartz360 will send two line items to QuickBooks: one line item of 8 hours regular and one line item of 2 hours OT with their respective regular and OT rates.


Not all features are immediately available to all portal users. Many agencies limit user access to just what is important for doing a specific job. Any new feature below marked with an ** will need to have access granted from the Admin Settings>Role Management.

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