Enhanced Weekly Care Report, New EVV, Invoicing & Payroll Integrations

Following are the changes in this release:

There will be NO update to the Agency mobile app & Caregiver app with this release Existing version 1.9 for iOS, 2.0 for Android & Caregiver mobile app with version 2.26 both for iOS & Android will remain same on the stores. The minimum operating system requirements are “Lollipop” for Android and v11.0 for Apple devices.

Updates in Weekly Care Report

Agency user(s) will now be able to generate the Weekly Care Summary Report with an option to have tasks on the schedule on the basis of Service Type.

Agencies which would like to have tasks on schedule populated on the basis of Service Type, then they would have to enable the Weekly Care Summary report.

1. Additions to the Weekly Care Summary Settings

a. Now, Agency user(s) will be able to decide whether the schedule should pull tasks from completed Assessment or Service Type or Assessment + Service Type.

Weekly Care Summary Report

2. Additions to the Service Type Configuration

a. Once the Agency decides that tasks in the schedule should come on the basis of Service Type, then the Service Type Configuration (Admin settings) will display a new task section that will allow the Agency user(s) to attach tasks with it.

b. The displayed task section will show all the tasks created in Task management under the Client DDM, namely Personal Care Task Management, Companion Care Task Management, and Transportation Task management.

Weekly Care Summary Report For Agency Users

3. Updates in the Weekly Care Summary format

a. This report now includes the Payer’s Name.

b. The tasks list will contain the tasks from Assessment, Service Type, and Manual tasks (if added to the schedule).

c. A new section has been introduced that will contain the schedule Clock-In and Clock-Out, Schedule duration, Client signature, and Caregiver Signature for the whole week.

Weekly Care Summary Format For Agency Users

Viventium Integration

CareSmartz360 has been integrated with Viventium for payroll processing.

1. In the office settings, under the payroll tab, a section to capture the necessary details for Viventium integration has been added.

Viventium Integration Updates

2. The Viventium Integration link is available under the accounting menu, within the payroll option.

Viventium Integration Payroll Updates

3. On click of the Viventium Integration link, the user will be navigated to the Caregiver Matching screen.

Viventium Integration Payroll Update

4. Once the Caregiver Matching screen is loaded, all the active caregivers in the application will be displayed. Also, all the active Viventium employees with their first and last name, the same as that of the CareSmartz360 employees will be matched and auto-populated.

5. The button ‘Fetch All Records from Viventium’ has been added to fetch all the records from Viventium. This action might take some time. Hence on page load, only those employees are fetched that have been added within a stipulated period i.e, the date when the last employee was sent to Viventium up till the current date. The list fetched is then connected and displayed with the active employees stored in the database. This is done to ensure better performance by avoiding the time taken to retrieve the complete list of employees from Viventium.

6. The Caregiver Matching screen has a Count label to display the total number of records that have been selected by the user.

7. A checkbox named Add to Viventium has been made available on the caregiver matching screen. On selecting the checkbox and clicking on the save button, the employee data will be sent to Viventium.

8. Once the employee data is sent to Viventium, the Add to the Viventium option will be removed against that employee name.

9. On click of the drop-down, the user will be displayed a pop-up that will list all the active employees in Viventium. The user can then select an existing employee from Viventium and map it to a caregiver in CareSmartz360 by clicking on the save button.

CareSmartz360 Viventium Integration Payroll Update

10. In case there is an error while sending the employee data i.e the mandatory fields are missed then a pop listing the employee details will be displayed to the user.

11. On click of the Staff Matching screen, the corresponding screen will be loaded. All the functionalities specified above for the caregiver matching screen have been implemented in the Staff Matching screen as well.

Viventium Integration Update

12. On click of Paycode Matching, the paycode matching screen will be loaded. Here the user will have the provision to map the earnings/pay items available in Viventium with the pay codes available in CareSmartz360.

13. The user will be able to view the employee as well as the payroll logs by clicking on the Viventium Log option. The Viventium log screen will have a drop-down for the user to select between employee logs and the payroll logs.

14. In the Caregiver

CareSmartz360 Viventium Integration Update

15. The user will be able to update an active caregiver’s phone number in Viventium by clicking on the save button available in the Add Phone pop-up in the application.

16. The user will be able to initiate the process of sending the payroll data to Viventium by clicking on the Viventium button available on the Finalized Batch screen.

17. On click of the Viventium button, a pop-up for pay period selection will be displayed to the user.

CareSmartz360 Integration Update

18. The Start Date, End Date, and the Check Date of the pay period would be the same as that of the service Date and Check Date of the batch.

19. In case two simultaneous sessions are being used in the application and in one of the sessions a set of caregivers/staff records are sent for syncing into the Viventium and in the other session the user tries to resend the same set of employees, then in such a case, a pop up will be displayed asking the user to refresh the screen.

Sage Integration

CareSmartz360 has been integrated with Sage50 to utilize its services for invoicing. The user will now be able to download a Sage50 compatible customer as well as an invoice file and will further be able to upload it into the Sage50 Application.

1. In the billing tab, under the office settings, a panel for capturing the sage configuration has been added. This would capture the details required for both the customer as well as the sales invoice file.

CareSmartz360 Sage Integration Update

2. On selecting any of the user from the client listing screen, the icon to download the csv file would be displayed to the user. On hovering on the icon, the text ‘Download File for Sage50 would be displayed to the user’.

CareSmartz360 Sage Integration Updates

3. The CSV file downloaded, would contain the details of the selected client(s) in the following sequence.

Sage Integration Updates

4. The file once downloaded will further be uploaded into the Sage50 Application.

5. To import the client records into Sage50, the user needs to click on the File, Import / Export and Import Records.

6. The user needs to select the location of the CSV file from the customer section available.

7. Once the file is successfully uploaded, the clients will be added to the Sage50 application.

8. On the View Finalized Invoices screen, the users will be able to download Sage50 compatible sales invoice file(s). On selecting the invoices and clicking on the Sage download icon, the users would be able to download the Sage50 sales invoice file.

CareSmartz360 billing Updates

9. The sales invoice file would be client specific i.e each file would contain invoices specific to a single client. In the above screenshot, there are two different invoices for Client Alley. However, in the files downloaded, there is a single file generated specific to the client Alley having the details of both invoices.

CareSmartz360 Invoice Updates

10. The selected invoice file(s) would be downloaded in .imp format and would be available to the users in the download section.

CareSmartz360 Integrated With Sage50

11. To upload the Sales Invoice, the user needs to Click on File, Import / Export, Import Transactions and select the customer and the service type.

EVV Updates

TELLUS Updates

Select Grid columns on TELLUS Data post screen

User(s) will be able to select the grid columns on the TELLUS data post screen in order to view the data with limited columns as per their requirements.

CareSmartz360 Electronic Visit Verification Updates

CareSmartz360 Electronic Visit Verification Solution

Sandata Updates

Updates in the state of California

1. CAHCBA Jurisdictions have been included

a. Jurisdictional entities ids CEI, DHCS, HHM, IOA, LHH, PIC, SCO, SYH, and VCO were added for the payer code CAHCBA.

2. Reason code “note required” for the below reasons.

CareSmartz360 EVV Updates

Updates in the state of Arizona

1. Addition of service codes that will be added for hard claims edits.

2. Service code “H2014” must be removed with modifiers.

3. Missing Medicaid ID is not required in the JSON file at the time of posting the visit.

CareSmartz360 EVV State Updates

Arizona State EVV Updates

CareSmartz360 Electronic Visit Verification Solution

Procedure codes updates in the state of Colorado

Procedure codes updates in the state of Colorado

CareSmartz360 Electronic Visit Verification Integration Updates

CareSmartz360 Electronic Visit Verification Integration Solution Update

CareSmartz360 Electronic Visit Verification Solution Update

Electronic Visit Verification Solution Update

EVV Solution Update

Updates in the state of Delaware

  • Special characters accepted in ClientFirstName, and ClientLastName are added. Special character includes Space, Hyphen, and Apostrophe.
  • Employee Identifier expected value as First 3 letters of last name + last 4 of SSN.
  • ClientOtherID value to be a required value with the Medicaid ID.
  • Employee SSN is a required field.

Integration for home health services in the state of North Carolina

CareSmartz360 is integrated with Home health services in the state of North Carolina.

General Update

EVV Audit Report

A new report in the name of EVV Audit report will be available for users, to see any missing/important or required data element at the configuration level.

Users can run the report to see missing data at the Client / Caregiver / Payer / Authorization level to confirm that everything is set up & done right before posting at the right level.

EVV Audit Report Update

Electronic Visit Verification Audit Report Update

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