Clock-In/Clock-Out improvements and Report Updates

Following are the changes in this release:

Ability to delete faulty Clock-In and Clock-Out

Agencies will now be able to delete faulty Clock-In or Clock-Out done by caregiver or agency itself as well. However, if the schedule’s invoice or payroll is finalized, then agency will not be able to delete the Clock-In or Clock-Out value.
Able to Delete the Clock-In or Clock-Out Value Feb Update

Updates in Client Quick View

Following updates have been made to the Client quick view section when accessed via Client landing screen > click on Client Name. a. Client’s Emergency Contact(s) will be listed in the quick view.
Client's Emergency Contact Listed Feb Update

Schedules will split based on Payroll Week Start Day/Time

CareSmartz360 will now be able to split shift which are overlapping two work weeks based on Day/Time set in the Office Settings > Payroll. Once the check box is ticked, system will automatically split the any overlapping schedule based on week start date/time.
Schedules will split based on Payroll Week Start Day/Time

Release visit plan – Group by Caregiver

Users will have the ability to group by caregiver on the release visit plan in addition to group by client so that they can view caregiver hours scheduled & planned hours for before they publish the plan.
Release Visit Plan Feb Update

Release visit plan – Ability to see working calendar before publishing the schedule client.

Users will have the ability to see a working calendar to see published & unpublished hours for caregiver or client (based on the grouping done) before they can publish schedules on release visit plan. This feature will help the users to plan number of hours for caregiver or client in a respective week.
Ability to See Working Calendar

Find Caregiver – Ability to send Email/ SMS notification to max of 15 caregivers selected

On the find Caregiver screen, user will have the ability to send email/ SMS notification to max of 15 caregivers in one go.
Ability to send Email/SMS Notification

Client Signature on each visit to be controlled by setting under client profile

Users will now have the ability to control client signature if they are required or not for any client. There will be a global setting under office settings for all users at agency level. In case client signature is required only for few specific clients only, agency user can turn off at office settings & enable the same on client level. In all cases, client level setting will override the global settings.
 Ability to Control Client Signature Feb Update

**Caregiver Average hours per week report

Users will have the ability to view caregiver average hours per week to know how many hours each caregiver has worked in a particular week and average of hours in a year.
Caregiver Average Hours Per Week Report

Payable hours (Caregiver & other staff)

Users will have the ability to view hours that have been spent by caregiver & other staff but not billable to client.
Ability to View Payable Hours Feb Update

Client type filter is added in following the reports

1. Client Roster

 Client Roster Filter Added in Feb Update

2. Client SOC by date

Feb Update Client SOC by date

3. Client Report

New Feb Update in Client Report

4. Discharge report by reason

 Discharge Report by Reason Feb Update

Caregiver Running Late Notification for Agency

Currently, If a caregiver does not Clock-In at the end of threshold period, system sends out the missed clock-in notification to agency user(s) and caregiver based on the configurations on the main tab in the office settings. Now, agencies which allow a larger threshold period for their caregivers to clock-in, do not have to wait for the threshold period to end to get the notification that caregiver did not clock-in. Agencies can now configure their office settings with running late notification which will be sent out to the selected agency users when the system does not detect the clock-in after the specific amount of time after schedule start time. E.g. Lets assume thresholds are set to 30 Mins and schedule time is 9 AM – 12 PM. Now, as per the current flow, if the caregiver does not clock-in then system will initiate the missed clock-in email/sms at 9:30 AM. But now, agencies can opt for running late notification, where they can enter in the number of mins after the schedule start time, if the clock-in is not detected, system will notify the agency. Assume this setting is set to 5 Mins. Then, at 9:05 AM, if the clock-in is not detected, then system will send the email to agency user(s)/sms that caregiver is running late.
Caregiver Running Late Notification for Agency

Ability to show Client Full Name/First Name only to Caregivers viewing Open Shifts on Web Portal/Smartphone App

Agency can now configure how they want to show Client Name to Caregivers when they access Open Shift(s) on Smartphone App or via Caregiver Web Portal. Under Office Settings > Main, there is a option provided “How do you want to Show Client Name in Open Shifts on Caregiver Portal?”
Show Client Name to Caregivers Feb Update

Communication Widget

Users will be able to see a communication widget on the dashboard showing yesterday & today’s communication notes. In order to view more details, User can then click on “View All” to choose from the filters & see the communication log that has happened. User will also have the ability to search by keyword if they are looking for anything specific in the notes or searching for any previous log at any time.
Able to See Communication Widget in Feb Update
Communication Widget Feb software Update

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