Web Portal, Clock-In/Clock-Out, Client Portal Updates

In this release are the following changes:

Caregivers will be able to do the Assessment from Web Portal

When the assessment privilege is enabled and the caregiver has a scheduled appointment with a client, the caregiver has the option to do the assessment, if required, through the web portal.

To enable the privilege, navigate to the Settings -> Role Management and modify the privileges of the Caregiver.

Caregiver Level

Clock-In/Clock-Out Workflow Update

The workflow of the clock-in & clock-out has been simplified for the smartphone/mobile browser users.

1. Clock-In and Clock-Out

Caregivers can only clock-in or clock-out if the following conditions are satisfied :-

  • a. The caregiver is within the threshold/grace period. The times set for the grace period can be found in the Office Settings -> Main section.
  • b The caregiver should be within the minimum radius as defined in the Office Settings -> Main section.
2. Injury Details and Family Feedback

The injury details and the family feedback can only be put in if the caregiver has done a successful clock-in OR clock-out, provided, the caregiver is still within the threshold period/grace period.

3. Expense, Task & Notes

The expenses, tasks and notes can only be added within the threshold/grace period. Once this has passed, the option to add them will no longer be available to the caregiver.

For example, with the threshold/grace period set as 15 minutes, details can be added 15 minutes prior to the client’s scheduled appointment and up to 15 minutes after the schedule end. i.e. for an appointment of 10am to 2pm, details can be added between 9:45am and 2:15pm.

4. Expense, Task & Notes

The schedule status will only be updated, i.e. changes from Scheduled to Approved/Needs Review, after the threshold period/grace period passes by. For example, if a schedule ends at 2:00 PM and the threshold/grace period is set for 15 minutes, the status of the schedule will change after 2:15 PM.

Update on Create New Invoice Page

When creating a new invoice, only those clients who have approved schedules that are ready for Billing will be visible. The other clients will not be visible in the drop-down list.


Performance Update on Time Tracking Page

Now you will be able to see the names of only the ‘Active’ clients in the drop-down list on the Time Tracking Page.
The clients who have been marked as in-active will not be visible in the drop-down list of the clients.

Flexibility to show/hide caregiver’s last name on Client Portal

You can now choose if the caregiver’s last name is shown on the Client Portal. To change the setting, navigate to the Main Page of the Office Settings and scroll down to the option of how you want to show the caregiver’s name on the client portal. Click either Full name or First Name.


See if the client is fully billed or not before deactivation

When you mark a client as inactive, the system will show you if there are any approved schedule(s) pending for billing for this client.

When a client is marked as inactive, a pop-up will show if the client has any Approved schedules that have yet to be billed. You can choose to move to the billing page or mark the client as inactive without billing the client.


If you choose Yes, a new page will open to show the schedules which have yet to be billed. This defaults to the prior 30-days.


Bulk Emails to multiple Clients/Caregivers/Payers/Other Staff/Caregiver Applicants

You can now send bulk emails to the clients/caregivers/payers/other staff and caregiver applicants.

For example, if you want to send bulk emails to multiple clients, multi-select the clients and click on the Email icon to send them the emails.

Once the client has been created and the Client ID has been system-defined, you can do a one-time edit on the client ID as per your requirements. This will allow you to enter your own client ID #s if you use them.After it has been changed once, the system will disable the Client ID field.

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