Latest Release Brings Weekly Care Report Enhancements, New EDI & EVV Integration Updates

Following are the changes in this release:

Ability to select RN signature while generating the Weekly Care report

As in the DMAS90 report, Agency user(s) will now be able to add RN signatures on the Weekly Care Summary as well.

A new ‘Staff’ filter has been added to the report. It will show all the staff users that have signatures added to their profiles. On selecting a user from this dropdown, the associated RN signatures will be populated. The signature will be available in the Export as well.

The same change has been implemented on the ‘Questionnaire’ tab of the schedule window, as the report can also be generated from there as well.

Weekly Care Summary Report

Populating the Caregiver Details from Viventium into CareSmartz360

If a caregiver is already available in CareSmartz360 (without having the Viventium-specific fields in his profile) and at the same time is also available in Viventium. Further when the agency proceeds with caregiver/staff matching in CareSmartz360, then post-matching, the Viventium-specific fields will be populated and displayed in the caregiver’s profile in CareSmartz360.

  • Pay Type
  • Pay Frequency
  • Cost Center(s)
  • Pay Group

Viventium Integration Updates

EVV Updates

Carebridge Updates

Visits will be treated as Early, Late & Missed Visit as per the new updates mentioned below in the state of Arkansas & Wyoming.

Early Visit

If the clock-in is done before 7 minutes or greater, the visit must be considered an “Early Visit”.

Late Visit

If the clock-in is done between 7 minutes to 29 minutes, the visit must be considered a “Late Visit”.

Missed Visit

If the clock-in is done after 30 minutes, the visit must be considered a “Missed Visit”.

Carebridge Data post report to show Modifiers in the list

With this update, Modifiers added will start populating in the Carebridge data post report listing itself.

Carebridge Data Post Report Update

HHAeXchange Updates

Florida Community Care Integration with HHAeXchange

CareSmartz360 is now integrated with Florida Community care Payer in the state of Florida with HHAeXchange.

Please note that starting on April 3rd, 2023 Florida Community Care Providers are required to use HHAeXchange to submit confirmed visits and bill directly.

HHAeXchange integration Patient Demographic – Fetching data from HHAeXchange into CareSmartz360

With this release, users will be able to fetch patient’s data from HHAeXchange via SFTP into Caaresmartz360.

CareSmartz360 Integration Updates

EDI Updates

CareSmartz360 is associated with Colorado Medicaid via a Trading partner agreement in order to submit 837 P & 837 I files in the state of Colorado.

CareSmartz360 is associated with Indiana Medicaid via a Trading partner agreement in the state of Indiana in order to submit 837 P & 837 I files.

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