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In Conversation with Patti LaFleur to Bring Her Insights on Dementia

Caring for seniors with dementia through dedicated caregiver support is a multifaceted endeavor. It involves preserving their existing memories and fostering the creation of new ones, all while prioritizing their physical and emotional well-being. This care approach demands unwavering patience, empathy, and innovative techniques.

A commitment to preserving cherished memories is evident in senior care through activities like reminiscence therapy. Simultaneously, new experiences are carefully tailored to individual interests and abilities, encompassing diverse activities such as art therapy, music sessions, and nature outings.

Central to this mission is a holistic approach, addressing cognitive needs, physical health, nutrition, and social interaction. Upholding dignity is paramount; independence is encouraged, and preferences are respected.

Navigating the intricate landscape of dementia is undeniably challenging. Yet, with steadfast support, the focus remains on fostering meaningful connections and honoring the unique life story of each senior.

To shed some light on the same, we interviewed a home care industry expert to bring her perspective on caring for a senior with dementia.

Expert QA session with Patti LaFleur

Who Did We Interview?

Patti LaFleur, a former kindergarten teacher and a compassionate former care partner to her mother battling dementia, is a fervent advocate for dementia caregivers. As an educator, she tirelessly champions the cause, raising awareness about dementia care and providing valuable support to caregivers through her advocacy work. Patti’s dedication to the care partner community, her unwavering commitment to dementia care, and her passion for dementia awareness are evident in her efforts. She stands as a beacon of support for kids, families, caregivers, and individuals living with dementia, embodying the spirit of compassion and understanding.

Let’s explore our expert’s insights on providing support and ensuring the well-being of elderly individuals living with dementia.

Question 1: What, in your opinion, can caregivers do to support seniors with dementia?

The most important thing caregivers can do to support seniors is treat them with dignity and respect. Seniors must understand they are valued as the adults they are. I referred to my relationship with my Mom as her care partner instead of the caregiver because it was a true partnership. There was so much reciprocal give and take. In addition, I think it’s important that people understand that there is still so much love, joy, and connection to be had.

Question 2: Do dementia patients need to make certain lifestyle changes to minimize the impact?

I like to refer to dementia patients as people living with dementia, so people living with dementia can make some lifestyle changes to positively impact their lives, as there is still so much life to live after diagnosis. They can continue making healthy eating choices, remain active, participate in social activities, and still live fulfilling lives. My mom and I loved to do art, dance, and even travel. Dementia isn’t the end…there is still so much more life!

Question 3: How should family members and caregivers communicate with dementia patients?

People should communicate with the ones living with dementia with respect and clarity. It’s important to honor where they are and to meet them where they are. You can communicate with words and body language. Sometimes, physical touch can be super powerful.

Final Words

In the tapestry of life, caring for seniors with dementia is a noble endeavor, and caregiver support is the loom that weaves resilience, empathy, and compassion. Through patient guidance and unwavering dedication, caregivers preserve the threads of memories and stitch new moments of joy and connection. As we navigate the complexities of dementia, we find that true support transcends the bounds of duty; it is a testament to the profound human capacity for love and understanding.

In honoring the unique stories of our seniors, we create a legacy of care that enriches lives and comforts caregivers and those they tirelessly support.

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